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This page will help you find CPIR resources!

The CPIR is pleased to serve as the centralized hub of resources for the 90+ projects in the Parent Center network. This page offers you a quick way to find CPIR-produced resources, including its webinars, its newsletter Buzz from the Hub, and stand-alone pages and publications you can share with families, professionals, and your staff.

Let’s start with quick-jump links to particular types of resources on the CPIR website. A more complete alphabetical listing by title and topic is provided further below.

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Alphabetical by Title and Topic

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*Adult Learning Principles  | Handout for June 2016 Webinar

*Age of Majority Briefs  | October 2015

A Parent’s Guide: Getting Ready for When Your Teen Reaches the Age of Majority

Getting Ready for… Healthcare at the Age of Majority

Getting Ready for… Managing Finances at the Age of Majority

Getting Ready for… Independent Living at the Age of Majority

*Age of Majority Webinar  | CPIR Webinar, December 2015

*Alternate Assessments | CPIR Webinar, September 2014
Handouts for this webinar:
North Carolina Test, 3rd grade reading (PDF)
Modules on Dynamic Learning Maps (in Word)
Parent Brochure on Dynamic Learning Maps  (PDF)

Annual Parent Center Data Collection materials
see Data Collection, below

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*College and Career Readiness | Priority Page, August 2014

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*Data Collection Forms 2015-2016 

*Data Collection FAQs 

*Data Collection Definitions Key 

*Data to Advance School Reform | Priority Page, August 2014

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*Early Learning Outcomes | CPIR Webinar, November 2014
Handouts for this webinar:
ECTA Highlights for Parent Centers [Handy list of the links mentioned, PDF] Principles of Adult Learning [2 pages, PDF] Taking the Shortcut to Part C Resources! 

*Early Learning Outcomes (Evidence-based Practices that Improve Early Learning Outcomes) | Priority Page, August 2014

*ESSA | Every Student Succeeds Act | Resource page, January 2016

*ESSA Webinar | CPIR Webinar, February 2016

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*Find CPIR Training Modules Fast!  | Handout for June 2016 Webinar

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*Infographics | CPIR Webinar, May 2015
Handouts for this webinar:
Quick Guide to Creating Infographics [4-page PDF] Example Infographic | Parent Centers in Action 2013-14 [PDF] Access the Infographic to adapt it for your own Center’s work

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Results-Driven Accountability | CPIR Webinar, June 2014
Handouts for this webinar:
Suggestions for Getting Involved with Your State’s RDA & SSIP Efforts
A Guide to RDA for Parent Centers
A Guide to RDA for Parent Leaders & Advocates

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*Self-Advocacy Skill Building  |  Priority Page, January 2015

*Self-Advocacy Skill Building Webinar | CPIR Webinar, March 2015
Handout for this webinar:
Building the Self-Advocacy Skills of Youth with Disabilities: Requirements as stated
in the 2015 Application Package for Parent Centers

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*Tools that Empower Spanish-Speaking Parents  |  Resource page, June 2016

*Training Materials on the IEP and IDEA | CPIR Webinar, June 2016
Handouts for this webinar:
Find CPIR Training Modules Fast! (2 pages, Word docx)
Adult Learning Principles (2 pages, PDF)

*Traumatic Brain Injury | CPIR Webinar, August 2014
Handouts for this webinar:
Signs and Symptoms of TBI (2 pages, PDF)
CPIR fact sheet on TBI in English |  in Spanish
Returning to School After Concussion: Recommended Protocol (4 pages, PDF)
Teachers’ Desk Reference: Practical Info for Pennsylvania’s Teachers (8 pages, PDF)

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Webinar archives | All CPIR webinars to date

Writing for the Web | CPIR Webinar, July 2015
See also CPIR suite of pages on writing for the web

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