About Region 5

As the Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) for the State of Colorado, PEAK Parent Center has several key foundational beliefs:

  • Disability equality is inherently a civil rights issue.
  • All children can learn and have the right to participate in their schools and communities.
  • Families have the capacity to make good decisions and assist their children in achieving positive outcomes when they have information and training.
  • Parent Centers foster independence so families are empowered to participate and advocate for their children throughout their lives.

The Region 5 PTAC builds upon these foundational beliefs in every aspect of the Technical Assistance provided. Through ongoing Needs Assessments and Evaluation the Region 5 PTAC utilizes a System of Continuous Improvement to help ensure all Region 5 Parent Centers can effectively serve families.

The Region 5 PTAC supports sustainable, independent, empowered, and successful Parent Centers by:

  • Utilizing the existing pool of resources…
    • PEAK’s 20+ years serving as the PTI for the State of Colorado; 10 years serving as the Region 5 PTAC; the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP); other Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (RPTACs); the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA&D), Regional Resource Centers (RRCs), Communities of Practice, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and peer-to-peer assistance and mentoring. 
  • To develop the capacity of Region 5 Parent Centers…
    • Empower and assist Parent Centers by leveraging their existing strengths and resources, connecting them with services, products, and evidence-based resources based on their expressed needs with the goal of creating sustainable Parent Centers. 
  • By providing Targeted and Intensive TA…
    • TA is provided based on the expressed needs of Parent Centers, utilizing best practices in adult learning styles, outreach, family-centered services, self advocacy skill building, nonprofit management, and the use of technology in service provision and nonprofit management. 
  • So that Parents Centers Will More Effectively Serve Families… 
    • By helping Parent Centers more effectively manage their work, reach more parents and youth, help parents improve outcomes for their children, support parental engagement in school reform activities, and build youth’s self advocacy skills.