Research Basics

A young girl works hard to connect the pieces of a Connect-the-Sticks.Research is creating new knowledge.
Neil Armstrong

In the research pages in CPIR’s repository, you can connect with what research is finding out—about disabilities in children, about what educational interventions show evidence of effectiveness, what constitutes “evidence of effectiveness,” and much more. The pages below provide a grounding for the research information on our site.


Research 101
There’s high-quality, well-designed, noteworthy research, and then…there’s research that may have serious flaws in its design, conclusions, or generalizability to other students or settings. How do you tell the difference? What makes for good research?

Research 102
This Research 102 page takes a look at some basic research processes for adding up the evidence from individual studies and drawing bigger conclusions—about patterns and trends in what works and what doesn’t.

Finding Statistics
Looking for statistics for your own work, school paper, dissertation, proposal, or research? Let us connect you with organizations that do research and/or provide statistics related to education, special education, disability, and topics related to children.

Research Terms
We’re pleased to provide this handy reference page to research terminology, and hope it helps our readers quickly connect with the meaning of pivotal words and phrases in the field.

Weighing Information for Its Worth
As we rely more and more on the Internet for information, and as we seek to base our decisions upon research evidence, it’s important to consider the information, and its source, through the lens of a cautious consumer. But how do we do that? The resources listed below will hopefully shed light on the “how” of weighing information, as well as the “why.”

Making Sense of Statistics in Research
When you read a research article, you’re likely to run across descriptions of how the researchers analyzed the data they collected. In order to understand what the authors are trying to say, you need to understand their lingo. This Connections page can help you do just that.

Special Education Research: Where to Start?
This page of resources is designed as a “Starter Kit” to research in general and the special education field in particular.

What Works: Can We Say?
This page takes a look at an array of topics in education and the research we have on each. We’ve focused primarily on published meta-analyses and syntheses that add up the evidence to date on effective practice in each area.

Research-Based Resources on Specific Disabilities
Here are a few educational research connections you might find useful as you plan and deliver services to children with specific disabilities such as AD/HD, learning disabilities, or autism.