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A bee hovering over a flower.Every month, CPIR shares news and resources with the Parent Center network and others via our enewsletter Buzz from the Hub. Each Buzz spotlights an issue of importance to Parent Centers, identifies resources on the network’s 14 priority topics,  and includes resources Parent Centers  can share with the families they serve. This page connects you with Buzz editions to date.

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2017 Issues of the Buzz

In January 2017, CPIR changed the format and schedule of issues of the Buzz. Now, and in the future, the Buzz will come out twice a month and feature 4-5 resources. We hope this streamlined version of our enewsletter is easier to read, use, and share!

April 2017, Issue 1 | Spotlight on Working with Youth with Disabilities

March 2017, Issue 2 | Spotlight on Serving Our Diverse Communities

March 2017, Issue 1 | Spotlight on It’s That Time of Year Again!

February 2017, Issue 2 | Spotlight on Resources You Can Share with Families

February 2017, Issue 1 | Spotlight on Significant Disproportionality

January 2017, Issue 1 | Spotlight on New Resources on ESSA

2016 Issues of the Buzz

December 2016 | Getting Ready for the Holidays 
Spotlight on Getting Ready for the Holidays

November 2016 | Disability Resources 
Spotlight on Disability Resources

October 2016 | Early Intervention and Early Learning 
Spotlight on Recursos en español

September 2016 | Preventing Suspension and Expulsion in Early Childhood Settings 
Spotlight on Preventing Suspension and Expulsion in Early Childhood Settings

August 2016 | Back to School! 
Spotlight on Help for the Hot Spots

July 2016 | Tools for Your Website 
Spotlight on Tools for Your Website

June 2016 | Empowering Parents 
Spotlight on Federal Activities

May 2016 | Responses to Your Feedback 
Spotlight on Family Engagement

April 2016 | Facts at Your Fingertips 
Spotlight on ESSA Resources

March 2016 | Working with Youth in Transition 
Spotlight on Moving Toward Independence

February 2016 | Employment 
Spotlight on Employment Resources in Spanish

January 2016 | Parent Center Priorities 
Spotlight on Multicultural Materials

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2015 Issues of the Buzz

December 2015 | Behavior Resources 
Spotlight on Behavior Resources

November 2015 | Multimedia Resources 
Spotlight on Multimedia Resources from Parent Centers

October 2015 | Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Children and Youth 
Spotlight on Mental Health Resources

September 2015 | Social-Emotional Development 
Spotlight on Social-Emotional Development in Your Part C SSIP Work

August 2015 | Collaborating for Success 
Spotlight on Collaborating for Children and Systems Change

July 2015 | Nonprofit Management 
Spotlight on Parent Center materials!

June 2015 | Focus on PTSD 
Spotlight on Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Helping Children Cope with Trauma

May 2015 | Leaping into Summer!
Spotlight on Resources to Prevent Summer Slide

April 2015 | Happy Spring to All!
Spotlight on Spanish and Easy-to-Read Resources

March 2015 | March Madness!
Spotlight on IEP Resources

February 2015 | Happy Valentine’s Day!
Spotlight on the 2014-15 Parent Center Data Collection Form

January 2015 | New Priority Page on Self-Advocacy is launched!
Spotlight on Self-Advocacy Resources

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2014 Issues of the Buzz

December 2014 | Happy Holidays to All!
Spotlight on Disability Information

November 2014 | Digging in for Winter
Spotlight on Early Learning Resources

October 2014 | (Non)spooky News
Spotlight on Transition Planning and Youth

September 2014 | Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start
Spotlight on SSIP Resources

August 2014 | Back to School
Spotlight on IEP Resources for Your Parent Center
Stand-alone pages on three priority topics: Evidence-Based Practices that Improve Early Learning, College and Career Readiness, and Using Data to Advance School Reform

July 2014 | Post 4th Fireworks
Spotlight on UDL and Standards-based IEPs

June 2014 | Summer’s Finally Here!
Spotlight on Finding and Using Education Data

May 2014 | Happy Mother’s Day
Spotlight on Disability Information

April 2014 | Spring Has Sprung
Spotlight on Materials in Spanish and Other Languages

March 2014 | Come On, Spring!
Spotlight on Excellent Resources from Parent Centers

February 2014 | Black History Month
Spotlight on Part C Training Modules and the 2nd edition of the Glossary of Spanish Translations of Common IDEA Terms

January 2014 | Let Us Introduce Ourselves!
Spotlight on CPIR and other newbies in the network.

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