The Future is Mobile!

photo of 4 different tabletsSeptember 2013
From NICHCY’s Quick Tips for Disseminators series

Think about how you access the internet these days…

Have you started bringing a tablet to meetings and conferences instead of a laptop? Market research predicts that more tablet computers will be sold in 2013 than laptops–that’s a big first in a new trend!

NICHCY saw a HUGE increase in the number of users coming to its website on mobile devices. Check out these stats, and you’ll see what we mean:

  • May, 2011: 3% of website traffic came from mobile devices
  • May, 2012: 8% of traffic
  • May, 2013: 16% of traffic  

That’s a 435% increase in the proportion of web traffic coming from mobile devices in the past two years!

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See what’s happening with your website

You can find out what’s happening on your website, mobile-traffic-wise, using Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, you’ll find the report under Audiences, then Mobile, then Overview (see the snapshot at the right).

You also have the option to run a report on which mobile devices are being used. That report can be helpful if you’re developing an app for Apple or Android markets.

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Making your site mobile friendly

There are two ways to make a website mobile friendly:

mobile site is more or less a copy of your existing website that optimizes your content when a mobile device is detected. It requires a separate URL, e.g., vs.

Responsive design is a more flexible and search-engine friendly solution that doesn’t require a separate URL, but can be expensive.

Want to know more? This article from Smart Solutions offers a more detailed analysis of mobile vs. responsive design:

As with most decisions, your choice will depend on a variety of factors. Explore options with your staff and website manager/developer. Our Create a Great TA Website page is another helpful resource!
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