Tips and Tools for Disseminators

Close-up of a toolbox showing all manner of tools within.September 2014
A legacy dissemination resource from NICHCY


This page connects you with many of the tipsheets and tools that were developed by NICHCY (the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities) to make great disseminators out of us all!

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Quick Tips for Disseminators Series

The series of Quick Tips captures the essence of webinars we’ve given for those in the TA&D network.

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Tipsheet: Writing Plainly

This 8-page tipsheet focuses exclusively on how to write in plain language. It’s important to take into consideration the many millions of people who don’t read well or who have limited English proficiency. The tipsheet briefly discusses how the use of plain language was launched as an initiative by the federal government in 1998 and connects you with high-quality websites you can use to guide your “plain language” writing. The tipsheet offers 10 plain-writing tips for starters. [ 8 pages, 2011]

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Writing for the Web

Interested in writing content that engages and motivates your web visitors—and, most importantly, helps them find the information they’re looking for? If so, this series of webpages is for you. It’ll give you 6 tips for writing for the web:

  • understand how people read on the web
  • help readers skim and scan
  • put the essential message first
  • chunk your information
  • use headings and subheadings
  • write in plain language

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Create a Great TA Website

If you’re a project in the TA&D network, this 4-page guide is written especially for you. It’s all about how to create a great website that provides your visitors with on-the-spot technical assistance, including making sure that search engines find you and that web visitors can easily read and share your information with others.

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Workbook | Build a Dissemination Plan for Your Project

This workbook was designed to accompany NICHCY’s online Build-a-Plan tool. Unfortunately, with NICHCY’s demise, the online tool is no longer available. But we’ve kept the workbook, because it will still guide you in how to build a dissemination plan for your project. The workbook, in PDF, is 24 pages long.

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The Evaluation Toolkit

This evaluation toolkit was created in response to the high level of interest expressed by the projects within OSEP’s TA&D network for more information about evaluating dissemination efforts. The “how-to’s” of the toolkit include overviews and guidance on conducting formative, process, and summative evaluations. Data collection methods are discussed, too, with individual looks at how to conduct focus groups, interviews, and surveys. The evaluation toolkit, in PDF, is 28 pages long.

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