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Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers

October 2010
Updated, May 2013

Looking for the straight story, a quick read on strategies for recruitment and retention of teachers?

OK, just the bare facts, then. The several summaries we’ve listed below get right to the point.


Bullet points–what makes teachers leave or stay? (2 pages).

Why teachers leave and what principals can do about it (2 pages).

Why teachers leave and what school districts can do about it (2 pages).

Findings of 91 studies (12 pages).
This paper summarizes the findings of an ECS report that reviewed 91 studies on teacher recruitment and retention in search of answers to eight questions that are of particular importance to policy and education leaders. (Find the full paper under the header What Does the Research Say? further below.)

The Teacher Support Program (4 pages).
How can we build upon the research concerning supporting special education teachers in the field to increase retention, relieve stress, and advance the profession?

Inducting special educators (8 pages).
Summing up, in very consummable format, the literature on (a) the school and classroom conditions under which new special educators must perform, and (b) induction for special educators.

Strategies for diversifying the special education workforce (2 pages).

It’s all about improving the special education workforce (2 pages).
Have a look at the entire list of 2-page “Workforce Watches” offered by the Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education. Just to give you an idea….here are 3 titles of possible interest you’ll find there:  (1) Improving the special education workforce: A focus on beginning teachers can help; (2) Special education administrators—What should districts know about new candidates? (3) Have you considered the elements of successful induction and mentoring programs?

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