The Legal Issues of Identification and Intervention for K–12 Students with Dyslexia

November 2012

About This Article

The two primary sources for identification and intervention for dyslexia are the IDEA and Section 504, although a handful of states have laws that have special provisions specific to dyslexia. The first part of this article provides an overview of these federal and state laws, along with an illustrative sample of the pertinent court decisions. The concluding section of this article analyzes a case study in light of this legal information from an impartial, not a parent or advocate’s, perspective.

Note: Case Law is a very dynamic field, and cases are routinely overturned or modified by subsequent decisions. Articles on this site should not be considered to represent the full breadth of the law or the most current information. For specific, current information, you should consult a legal professional.

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General Information

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Full APA Citation:  Zirkel, P., (2012). The legal issues of identification and intervention for K–12 students with dyslexia. Perspectives on Language and Literacy, 38(3), 13-16.

Authors:  Perry A. Zirkel

Title:  The Legal Issues of Identification and Intervention for K–12 Students with Dyslexia

Year:   2012

Journal:   Perspectives on Language and Literacy

Publisher:  The International Dyslexia Association

Volume:  38

Issue:   3

Pages: 13-16

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