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A webinar for the Parent Center Network Listen to the webinar and view the slides Download Webinar slideshow presentation Additional resources   Webinar Date: Thursday, August 4, 2016 Host: Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) Presenters: Vicki Davis Dávila, JD WIFACETS Robert Kim, Deputy Assistant Secretary Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education Summary: The new […]

(Published 2014, March) | Useful to Parent Centers and SSP staff involved in SSIP work and the implementation of evidence-based practices for systems change Implementation science is the study of the processes needed to bring new practices into widespread use. These recommendations and process described in this guide are based on findings from implementation science. […]

(2016) | Useful to Parent Centers and all education stakeholders engaged in trying to create positive school climates and reduce disproportionality. This page of resources at the U.S. Department of Education is really a suite of resources that connects you with the latest data and thinking on suspension and expulsion of students from school. The […]

This 5-page guide from the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) has been developed for Parent Centers. The guide (in PDF) gives an overview of results-driven accountability (RDA); what RDA means for States, Parent Centers, and children with disabilities; why Parent Centers are important stakeholders in the RDA processes, including the State Systemic Improvement […]

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) offers this Results-Driven Accountability (RDA) web page and associated RDA Comments page. OSEP is currently rethinking its accountability system in order to shift the balance from a system focused primarily on compliance to one that puts more emphasis on results. OSEP believes it is critical that their […]

The 2013-14 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a survey of all public schools and school districts in the United States. The CRDC measures student access to courses, programs, instructional and other staff, and resources — as well as school climate factors, such as student discipline and bullying and harassment — that impact education equity […]

(June 2016) The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) offers states an opportunity to develop or refine a strategic vision for education to chart their own path forward. It also requires extensive outreach and engagement efforts, and CCSSO has released a stakeholder engagement guide , Let’s Get this Conversation Started, to help states engage with stakeholders to […]

(2015, July) | Useful to Parent Centers in “data discussions” Schools have long collected information about students, from basic emergency contact details to daily attendance statistics. But only recently have schools used education technology to collect solid, reliable information (or data) about how students learn—as well as details about their strengths, challenges, and individual traits […]

Adventures in Results-Driven Accountability A webinar for the Parent Center Network Listen to the webinar View | download the Powerpoint presentation View | download the handouts   Webinar Date: June 17, 2014 Host: Center for Parent Information and Resources Presenters: Lisa Küpper, CPIR Barb Buswell, Region 5 PTAC Jan Serak, Region 4 PTAC PowerPoint Presentation […]

(Published 2104) Useful to Parent Centers in supporting their work with States as they develop their State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Parent Centers can play an influential role in bringing the parent voice to their State’s activities related to improving results for children with disabilities. Results-driven accountability—RDA, for […]