Title slide for the webinar on TBISchool Planning and Educational Strategies Following Traumatic Brain Injury

A webinar for the Parent Center Network


Webinar Date:  
August 7, 2014

Center for Parent Information and Resources
Brenda Eagan Brown, M.Ed., CBIS
BrainSTEPS Program Coordinator, BIAPA
eaganbrown@biapa.org | 724.944.6542

Handouts for the Webinar:
We are pleased to provide the following handouts to accompany the webinar and to support your work with families and children with TBI.

PowerPoint presentation slides (47 pages, PDF)

Signs and Symptoms of TBI (2 pages, PDF)

Guided IEP PowerPoint presentation (13-slide PPT from PA)

Returning to School After Concussion: Recommended Protocol
(4 pages, PDF)

Teachers’ Desk Reference: Practical Information for Pennsylvania’s Teachers
(8 pages, PDF)

Additional CPIR Resources on TBI

Fact sheet on TBI in English

Fact sheet on TBI in Spanish

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