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  • Search for colleagues with specific knowledge or experience
  • Create/edit your profile
  • Search for individuals in the Parent Center network with specific knowledge or experience

Capturing the experience and know-how of Parent Centers, Who Knows What? is your connection to Parent Center expertise and know-how.

On the Who Knows What? site, members can:

  • Fill out a profile of the strengths and areas of knowledge they bring to the Parent Center network
  • Identify colleagues in the network with experience in a given aspect of Parent Center work

Parent Center staff can search for individuals in the database who have knowledge and expertise to share.
The searchable criteria include:

  • Contact Information (name, organization, location, e-mail, phone number)
  • Content Areas and Topics of Specialization including
    • General (e.g., disabilities, policy, and advocacy);
    • Non-profit Management;
    • Technology;
    • Child-specific experience including early childhood, school-aged, youth, transition, and more.