Guiding and Informing the Work of the CPIR with Their Expertise

The CPIR’s advisors ensure that our products and services represent an accurate and timely
response to the needs of the Parent Center network.

Stakeholders Advisory Group

Upholding the CPIR’s user-centered, user-driven support of PTIs and CPRCs

Membership of the SAG
  1. One or more representatives from Parent Centers in each region
  2. The director of each of the six regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (RPTACs)
  3. The director of the National Native American Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC)
  4. One or more representatives from other stakeholder groups, such as:
Duties of the SAG
  • Reflects the diversity of center sizes and populations served (e.g., race, language, rural, urban)
  • Provides the CPIR Team with guidance on:
    • the educational and product needs of the Parent Center network;
    • the quality, relevance, and usefulness of CPIR products and services;
    • opportunities for collaborations with Parent Centers, disability organizations, professionals, and other USDE-funded centers; and
    • strategic priorities for the center
Group Member by Region
•  Diana Autin, co-director, Region 1 PTAC  •  Michelle Lewis, New Hampshire Parent Information Center (PTI)  •  Curtis Jones, Mission Empower (CPRC)
•  Laura Weber, Region 2 PTAC  •  Beverly McCarty, Family Resource Center for Disabilities & Special Needs (CPRC)
•  Debra Tucker, Region 3 PTAC  •  Sharon House, Oklahoma Parents Center (PTI)  •  Patricia Santibanez, Children’s Disability Information Coalition (CPRC)
•  Jan Serak, Region 4 PTAC  •  Caryn Pack Ivey, Michigan Alliance for Families (PTI)  •  Elsa Diaz-Bautista, Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones (ALAS)
•  Barbara Buswell, Region 5 PTAC  •  Roger Holt, PLUK (PTI)
•  Nora Thompson, Region 6 PTAC  •  Eric Nolan Wade, LINKS Mat-Su Parent Resource Center (CPRC)
•  Vicki Farnsworth, The Branch Miltary PTAC  •  Judy Wiley, National Native American PTAC
•  Seena Skelton, Great Lakes Equity Assistance Center  •  Loujeania Bost, National Technical Assistance Center for Transition  •  Nita Rudy, Parents for Public Schools  •  Rachel Fregien, WI DPI/WI FACETS



Senior Advisors Team

Bringing the directors of all six Regional PTACs together as critical advisors

RPTAC Directors as Critical Advisors

The steady input of the Senior Advisors Team (SAT) ensures that the activities and products of the CPIR:

  • Coordinate and align with those of the regional PTACs
  • Represent the stated interests and needs of the Parent Centers in their given region
  • Do not duplicate the knowledge development and capacity-building activities for which regional PTACs are responsible
Team Lead by Year

Each year, a different regional PTAC director on the Senior Advisors Team serves as Team Lead for the group. The Team Lead is a member of the CPIR’s Management Team and is directly and deeply involved in the CPIR’s focus and operations.

Year 1, 2013-2014: Barb Buswell, Director of Region 5 PTAC at The PEAK Center

Year 2, 2014-2015: Jan Serak, Director of Region 4 PTAC at WI-FACETS

Year 3, 2015-2016: David Blanchard, Region 3 PTAC

Product Development Advisors

Contributing input and guidance throughout the product development process

Product Development and Review

The CPIR develops and adapts products and resources for the Parent Center network. This allows Parent Centers to concentrate their efforts on the work they do with families of children with disabilities. Therefore, it is imperative that the CPIR’s products closely address the actual needs of the PTIs and CPRCs (topic, format, culture, etc.) as follows:

  • Help identify which products will be developed or adapted
  • Review products through multiple drafts
  • Further the dissemination of resources to other Parent Centers, staff, and families.

Those who serve as Product Development Advisors are determined on an ad hoc basis, depending on the proposed topic and the individual areas of expertise within the Parent Center network.

The CPIR provides private Workspaces on its website for the advisors to gather, discuss, and submit their feedback on products in development.