Red toolbox with a computer mouse hanging out of itBuzz from the Hub, April 2017, Issue 2

Spotlight on: Tools on the Hub for Parent Centers

We use our tools not to actualise what we know,
but to implement how we feel.

~Margaret Atwood.

This issue of the Buzz from the Hub emphasizes resources available on the Hub that are designed to support the daily work, efficiency, and connectedness of Parent Centers within our great network.

There’s always so much on everyone’s to-do list, it’s easy for forget about tools that can make the work go more smoothly or put needed information at your fingertips for families. So join us as we revisit what’s here on the Hub and waiting for you and tell you what we’ve added.

All our best to you, as always,

The CPIR Team | Debra, Lisa, Jessica, Ana-Maria, and Myriam


Tools for Our Trade

Who Knows What?! Awaits You!

Have you signed up yet for the Parent Center Who Knows What? More than 40 of your colleagues are already there!

Please do fill out a profile of the strengths and areas of knowledge you bring to the Parent Center network. Then connect with colleagues in the network with experience in a given aspect of Parent Center work that interests you. There’s even a handy User’s Guide and a video showing the process.

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Newly Updated at CPIR

When the IEP Team Meets
This resource page is a detailed but easy-to-read summary of what typically goes on when the IEP Team meets, including who’s on the team, what’s in an IEP, important factors to consider, and whether or not a member can be excused from attending an IEP meeting.

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New in the Hub Library: More Youth-Related Resources

Youth M.O.V.E. National
Youth M.O.V.E. (Motivating Others through Voices of Experience) is a youth-led national peer advocacy organization committed to promoting the growth and development of youth who are involved in mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare systems. Youth M.O.V.E. has more than 50 chapters across the U.S. Find yours!

Best Practices for Increasing Meaningful Youth Participation in Collaborative Team Planning
This 8-page guidebook describes best practices for including youth with personal experience in all aspects of your programs from planning and research design, to advisory boards, to peer and recovery support services.

Center for Future Planning
This website of the Arc provides families with information and tools for building a person-centered plan for their youth or adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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The CPIR hopes that you’ve found useful and relevant resources listed in this month’s Buzz from the Hub. Please feel free to write to the editor, Lisa Küpper, at to suggest the types of resources you’d like to see in the future. CPIR is listening! Your input is extremely valuable to helping us to craft newsletters that support your work with families.

Debra, Myriam, Jessica, Ana-Maria, and Lisa
The CPIR Team


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