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Examples of Excellence from Parent Centers

This month, we shine a bright light on the many excellent materials available within the Parent Center network itself. Materials such as these will soon find their way into the CPIR’s Resource Library.

Education fact sheets in multiple languages | Parent to Parent of Georgia.
Parent to Parent of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Education have developed fact sheets on a variety of education-related topics. Amazing, the range and the languages!! Here are just three, to give you an idea:

  • Assistive Technology (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese)
  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese)
  • Preparing Your Child with Disabilities for Kindergarten (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese)

Family-centered care coordination notebook | Wyoming PIC.
The 4th edition of Packaging Wisdom: A Family Care Coordination Notebook is a digital, fillable, saveable, and printable notebook. It’s a great resource for families to help organize information regarding their child’s chronic health needs.

Fading: A strategy for building skills while teaching independence | PA’s Parent Education Network.
In this recorded webinar, Brenda Kauffman discusses how fading supports can build a foundation for independent living and community participation. She highlights the partnerships between parents, paraeducators, educational team members, and students in identifying, defining, implementing and fading supports.

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New in the Resource Library!

We are constantly adding new resources to the CPIR’s Resource Library. Here are two of the newest. We also invite you to search the library for yourself—-it’s sporting its new search interface now to make searching for relevant materials easy.

Bringing families to the table: Family engagement for struggling students.
This webinar of the National Center on Intensive Interventions featured educators and Parent Center personnel sharing local, state, and national examples of how to engage families to support students struggling academically and behaviorally, especially those with disabilities.

Understanding the role of individualized learning plans in transition planning.
This InfoBrief from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth explains how families and schools can supplement the required IEP by using an optional Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) as a tool to help youth successfully transition from high school to employment and postsecondary education.

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Resources You Can Share with Families

AD/HD parents medication guide.
The 2013 updated guide includes the addition of new research about children with AD/HD in school, the transition of adolescents with AD/HD into college and adulthood, and more effective treatments. From AACAP, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Available in English and in Spanish.

For military families: Special needs parent tool kit.
From the Department of Defense, this guide has comprehensive information and tools that are geared towards helping military families with special needs children navigate the maze of medical and special education services, community support, and benefits and entitlements. Available in English and in 8 other languages (French, Italian, Tagalog, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean).

20 ideas to create a therapeutic living room.
Food for thought for parents of children with special needs: How to bring part of the therapy clinic to the home living room to create either a calming environment or a stimulating one. This blog from the Friendship Circle shares 20 ideas for creating both types of therapeutic living rooms.

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Resources Just for Parent Centers

This section of the CPIR’s newsletter focuses on the many priority areas that Parent Centers have, with a special emphasis on the 14 topics that OSEP has identified as important for Parent Centers and the CPIR to address.

Priority | Outreach.
Key considerations with engaging underserved communities | This document is informed by feedback from underserved communities on outreach and engagement that emerged in the context of a project on prevention and early intervention in mental health. Building Partnerships introduces guiding principles of community engagement with underserved communities, outlines questions to guide outreach and stakeholder processes, and suggests specific strategies for nurturing sustained partnerships with underserved communities.

Priority | Use of Data to Advance School Reforms.
In Making Data Meaningful, the Harvard Family Research Project explores how the conversations that people are having about education data have changed, and outlines key components of effective data-sharing practices.

Priority | Best Practices in Nonprofit Management.
19 must-see social media and fundraising infographics for nonprofits | The past year has certainly been the year of visual content — particularly infographics. With tens of millions of brands now tweeting, posting, and sharing content online, to get your message to stand out, think about communicating your key messages in visual format. Here are 19 examples to fuel your imagination.

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