This 2-page resource answers the question: How do the Common Core State Standards apply to students with disabilities?

Answer: Just as the CCSS applies to all students in school, the standards also apply to students with disabilities. The standards themselves do recognize that implementation requires providing students with disabilities with a range of needed supports. In this document, Application to Students with Disabilities, the standards indicate that instruction for students with disabilities must incorporate supports and accommodations, including:

  • supports and related services designed to meet students’ unique needs and enable their access to the general education curriculum;
  • an IEP that includes annual goals aligned with and chosen to facilitate their attainment of grade-level academic standards; and
  • teachers and specialized instructional support staff who are prepared and qualified to delivery high-quality, evidence-based, individualized instruction and support services.

Additional supports would be provided as needed, including:

  • instructional strategies based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL); and
  • assistive technology devices and services that enable access to the standards.

The Application to Students with Disabilities is available online at: