Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition

Health care transition, or HCT, is the process of moving from a child/family-centered model of health care to an adult/patient-centered model of health care, with or without transferring to a new clinician. It involves planning, transfer, and integration into adult-centered health care. There’s a federally funded national resource center on health care transition (HCT) called Got Transition®. The Center has just issued the 3rd edition of its Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition, which lays out the basic components of a structured transition process and includes an Implementation Guide and customizable sample tools in English and Spanish. Read more about this revised and updated toolkit and access its different components in either English or Spanish here.

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ASCF Articles for Families


The Association for Special Children and Families (ASCF) is a community-based organization for families of children with disabilities. It has been operating since 1978. ASCF serves as the Highlands Parent Center, the first and only community parent resource center in New Jersey. Highlands supports families of babies, children and youth with the full range of disabilities living in the Northwest NJ area.

ASCF has wonderful publications in the area of education, behavior and mental health to help families cope with the pandemic. Check these publications here.

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Buzz | Flip Flops and School Buses

This Buzz mixes pleasure and planning. It’s summertime, after all, and we’re snapping around on flip flops, eating corn on the cob, and firing up our BBQ grills. Fall seems a long way off. It’s hard to summon energy or interest enough to plan ahead. But who says we can’t play now, enjoy summer’s treats, and also plan ahead to the reopening of schools?

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