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    I would like to how your state handles requests by parents for special ed testing under childfind requirements. TX rules allow a school 15 days to respond to a written request. A school can say yes, or give the parent pwn of denial. I am looking for others that may be dealing with similar situations, & advice & help that PTIs can give to parents that receive a no response. cnoe59@hotmail.com Partners Resource Network

    • In North Carolina and we don’t have a timetable for responding to written requests for referrals, but there is a 90 day window to complete the evaluation and provide results. Generally, the way it should work is when a parent makes a referral, there should be a meeting to discuss relevant data, parent input, teacher input, grades, etc. It’s uncommon to receive a “no” right out of the gate because there is not enough information to determine the child’s eligibility for special education. If there is a chance the child is eligible, then they more forward with the evaluation.

      If we field a call or email from a parent telling us they receive a “no” from the school, then we would likely suggest they gather additional data and other information for the team to consider and make another referral. Other information could include any outside evaluation or testing, data from a tutor, doctor’s note advising of a disability such as ADHD, etc. We would also suggest they work their way up the “food chain” through the Special Ed or Exceptional Children’s department in the district.

      I hope this information helps.