• Sandra Marién posted an update in the group Group logo of Performance Measures CollectionPerformance Measures Collection 3 years, 9 months ago

    Hi, may I see exemplars in webinars?
    It has been a challenge to deliver traditional webinars. Most of our participants access the Internet through their cell phones and are not used to the format of a webinar, the time it requires and the technical requirements to download software…
    I have turned instead to Facebook Live with better results. Beside of those who can be online during the transmission and participate actively, the options to view the video afterward on their mobile device has been highly valuable. The comments section is always available to answer their questions and comments.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Your question is excellent, and I think it could be posted also on the Hub Central group, the group to share information and announcements of general interest to Parent Centers.

      • Thanks, I’ll do it. I’ve been out of the loop due to the power outage and unstable telecommunications in Puerto Rico after hurricane María. We were also requested by our landlord to move our PTI to an adjacent local within a week notice. Wa re back after the holidays making adjustments in our new space .