Members of the focus groups that reviewed the glossary and provided feedback

This 2nd edition of the OSEP Glossary of Spanish Translations of Common IDEA Terms includes over 400 terms related to IDEA Parts B and C (the parts of IDEA that cover special education and early intervention services, respectively). The terms were selected by experienced translators from Parent Centers who have worked with families with children with disabilities representing the majority of Spanish-speaking cultures in Latin America and Spain.

Parents’ thoughts and perceptions of the translations were of major importance in the glossary’s development. Through a series of focus group, the project received input from ninety (90) parents/caregivers of children receiving services under IDEA. Families from a diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures participated in the focus groups.

The 2nd edition of the OSEP English to Spanish Translation Glossary is available in two formats:

PDF (1.2 MB) at:

Online and searchable at:

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Additional Information about the Glossary

The Glossary online has a handy feature—if you hover over a translation with a dotted blue underline, it will provide alternative translations of the term or notes about the term.

Also, there’s an overview of the project and tabs that provide more information about the Spanish Glossary Review Panel and the focus groups involved in the Glossary’s review and development.

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