Work with colleagues across the Parent Center Network, exchange resources with other centers, discuss high-priority topics, and solve mutual challenges.  Do all this and more in the private Parent Centers Workspaces on the Hub.  Register today, join different groups, or create your own groups.

Use Workspaces Calendars to inform your Parent Center colleagues about activities and events that might be of interest.  Group Forums let you share information or resources that you have found helpful or pose a question or issue that you would like to have others chime in on.  The Parent Center Workspaces allow you to collaborate with others who share your interests or challenges.

Not for the general public! The Parent Center Workspaces are accessible to Parent Center staff and other relevant groups ONLY.

The documents below provide answers to FAQs for using the Parent Center Workspaces:

doc  Parent Center Workspaces FAQs Guide
pdf  Parent Center Workspaces FAQs Guide

The following video demonstrates how to use the Parent Center Workspaces. Watch the full video or jump to any section:


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1. Full video      2. Navigation      3. What/Why?      4. How?      5. Group
6. Sharing in a Group      7. Posting Files      8. Login/Register      9. Notification & Activities
10. Profile      11. Messages      12. Groups      13. Home section – posting
14. Forum section – post attachments      15. Calendar section      16. E-mail Options

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