(Published 2016) Useful to Parent Centers seeking data and perspectives on the current state of U.S. education and educational decision making in the wake of the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act.

The 2016 edition of Education Week’s Quality Counts report—Called to Account: New Directions in School Accountability—examines how new state and federal strategies are transforming the assessment of school performance and reshaping the consequences for poor results under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

“This year’s Quality Counts, which marks the 20th edition of the report, could not be more timely,” said Christopher B. Swanson, Vice President of Editorial Projects in Education, the nonprofit organization that publishes Education Week. “After a decade and a half of strong federal influence over school accountability, the states are poised to take the helm again and chart their own course. This promises to be a period of great innovation and opportunity, but also one of considerable uncertainty and divergence, when states may take very different paths forward.”

In addition to the special focus on accountability, Quality Counts 2016 features the report’s hallmark report card on the state of education for the nation and states. This year, the Education Week Research Center issues overall summative grades, as well as updated scores in each of the three categories that comprise the report’s grading rubric: Chance-for-Success, K-12 Achievement, and School Finance.

Access the executive summary and report overview of Quality Counts 2016, as well as the State of the States analysis at: