The RAISE team works with the seven Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)-funded PTIs to develop and disseminate information and resources that increase their capacity to serve youth and young adults with disabilities and their families.

The CPIR is proud to partner with the RAISE Center (Resources for Access, Independence, Self-Advocacy and Employment).

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The RAISE Standard Newsletter

For Transition-related Information and Resources

RAISE Center Webinars

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Webinar: Smart Homes Made Simple

This presentation focuses on defining and learning about “smart home” technology and how these devices can be integrated into home and work environments to enhance independence, safety and quality of life.

Webinar: The Makings of a Beautiful Relationship-VR and PTI Centers

This webinar discusses three relationships between Parent Training and Information Centers and their state’s Vocational Rehabilitation, along with multiple programs and statewide policies that have improved transition and employment outcomes for youth with disabilities.

Webinar: VR and Post-secondary Education–
Understanding and Overcoming the Obstacles

NDRN Sr. Staff Attorney Ron Hager discusses VR agency’s willingness to pay for post-secondary education and strategies to overcome obstacles.

Developing Financial Capability Among Youth

This webinar covers the basics of how youth can increase their capacity to manage financial resources effectively and what families can do to assist them in developing financial knowledge and practicing money management and decision making skills.

Family Support in Post Secondary Education

This webinar looks at positive ways that families can help support their youth with disabilities in post-secondary education opportunities.

Technology & Social Media

This webinar discusses best practices for social media, using data for reporting, how dashboards help organize social media, and how to create visually interesting social media pages.

Resiliency–Finding Your Inner Strength

This NAPTAC Webinar from February 22, 2017 was presented by Sacheen Smith in partnership with RAISE.

Disability Disclosure Decisions

In this RAISE- and CPIR-coordinated webinar on Disability Disclosure for those providing TA, speaker Jennifer Thomas shares data, best practices, and personal accounts on the multifaceted realm of disability disclosure.

IDEA & Transition

Special education attorney Ron Hager explains Transition as it relates to IDEA, Plan Development, and person-centered services.