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Each archived webinar includes a recording of the presentation, the presenter’s slideshow, useful handouts, and additional resources on the episode’s topic.

Looking for OSEP Webinars? The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education holds informational webinars on a quarterly and as-needed basis to communicate important information to Parent Centers.


 Webinar Archive

(Webinars are listed below in reverse chronological order.)

Webinar | Return to School after Traumatic Brain Injury

Description:  This webinar will describe traumatic brain injury in children, including the prevalence , effects of the injury in children, models of care for children and return to school for children following the injury. Presenter:Juliet Haarbauer-KrupaSenior Health...

Sharing Information about State Assessments with Families of Children with Disabilities

CPIR joins with the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) as the first action step in a collaboration to develop and share user-friendly information about state assessments with families of children with disabilities. This webinar focuses on NCEO’s new (and quite amazing!) resource, the Participation Communications Toolkit. The highly customizable toolkit is designed for stakeholders to use in discussing and making decisions about how children with disabilities will participate in state assessments. The webinar highlights the role that Parent Centers can play in supporting the family’s role as one of the primary decision makers about their child’s participation. It’s also available in Spanish.

Webinar | Preparing Annual Reports for OSEP 2022

In this webinar for Parent Centers, important guidance from the U.S. Department of Education is shared. The purpose of the webinar is to prepare Parent Centers for the submission of  annual reports/continuation reports due in May 2022. The webinar goes through the steps and required forms one by one, the kinds of data that Parent Centers are expected to submit, and timelines.

Return to School | Child Find and Early Intervention Services

This webinar for Parent Centers focuses on important guidance from the U.S. Department of Education. Presenters from OSEP review the new Part C guidance documents: (1) Return to School Roadmap: Child Find, Referral, and Eligibility; and Return to School Roadmap: Provision of Early Intervention Services. The Department issued the guidance interpreting the requirements of IDEA in response to requests from a diverse group of stakeholders, including Parent Centers. Both roadmaps are also available in Spanish, as is this webinar.

Webinar | Return to School: Development and Implementation of IEPs

This webinar focuses on important guidance from the U.S. Department of Education, issued on September 30th and entitled Return to School Roadmap: Development and Implementation of IEPs in the LRE.  The guidance stresses the importance of revisiting the needs of students with disabilities as they return to classrooms. Have the needs and learning difficulties of individual students changed, given the impact of COVID-19, remote learning, and isolation? Do goals in the IEP need to be changed, do the services and supports to be provided need to be adjusted? Presenters from OSEP explore these and other questions, including compensatory services and addressing the  school-related health needs of returning students.

Putting the DEC-Recommended Practices to Work in Parent Centers: Part Two

In May of 2021, Part 1 of this webinar series introduced attendees to the Division for Early Childhood’s (DEC) Recommended Practices (RPs), which offer guidance to parents and professionals who work with young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. Part 2 of the series built upon the information shared in the first webinar. In Part 2, presenters discussed a variety of practice ways to SHARE the RPs as part of the ongoing work of a Parent Center. Presenters then identified ways  in which Parent Centers can use the RPs in their daily work with families.

Putting the DEC-Recommended Practices to Work in Parent Centers: Part One

Part 1 in this 15-minute webinar series introduces participants to the Division for Early Childhood’s (DEC) Recommended Practices (RPs), which offer guidance to parents and professionals who work with young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. The webinar is designed to familiarize participants with many of the resources and materials developed in partnership with the ECTA Center to support family use of the RPs in order to promote positive outcomes for young children (0-8) with or at risk of developmental delays and disabilities.

Vaccinations, Return to In-Person Learning, and What All Parents Need to Know

In this webinar for parents, Parent Centers, and community members, key representatives from the U.S. Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discuss safely reopening schools in the fall for in-person learning. Speakers share the process needed to get our children with and without disabilities back in the classroom, including testing and vaccine safety. The webinar is designed to give families an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, and discuss how to sustain safe operations in schools. CDC spotlights the amazing array of resources it makes available  in multiple languages about COVID-19 and vaccinations (including for adolescents), as well materials and toolkits tailored for specific audiences, such as families, community-based organizations, schools, and camp programs.

Webinar | Act Early Ambassadors 2021

In this 37-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” initiative, the work of the Act Early Ambassadors, and strategies and ideas for how Parent Centers can collaborate with the Ambassadors in their states.

Webinar | Stakeholder Engagement in SPP/APRs

This webinar focused on OSEP’s new requirements for Stakeholder Engagement in State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) package for 2020-2025. The webinar’s subtitle is: What Parent Centers Need to Know. The new SPP/APR package requires states to engage stakeholders throughout the entire SPP/APR process and describe its mechanisms for ensuring such engagement, including a description of the activities conducted to increase the participation of diverse groups of parents and build their capacity to take part in the state’s activities to improve outcomes for children  with disabilities. Parent Centers have a key role to play in bringing the parent voice to the state’s SPP/APR activities.

Webinar | Q&As about Service Provision in IDEA Part B and C

The focus of this OSEP webinar for Parent Centers is on answering questions about service provision under Parts B and C of IDEA during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The webinar is based on the postings at OSEP of Q&As pertinent to providing services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children with disabilities during the pandemic.

Webinar | Finding and Using Section 618 Data

In this webinar, the data team staff from OSEP’s Research to Practice division provide an overview of the types of data that OSEP collects from states and publicly reports under Section 618 of IDEA such as child count and exiting data. Participants are shown how to access the 618 data to answer some commonly asked questions about infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities receiving services under IDEA.

Webinar | CFPB Resources for Parent Centers

In this incredibly rich and informative webinar, experts from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) shares free financial education resources that Parent Center staff can use to help parents, grandparents, and caregivers start building children’s financial capability at home. CFPB also shares information on paying for college, specialized materials addressing the financial concerns of people with disabilities, and fraud prevention tools.

Webinar | Native American Resource Collection

The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC) produced a rich collection of materials for Parent Centers to use in planning and conducting outreach to the Native American families of children with disabilities in their service regions. CPIR has integrated half of this enormous collection into the Hub and held this webinar, where we took a tour of the resources within.

Webinar | Introduction to the Juvenile Justice Toolkit

The Juvenile Justice Toolkit was developed to help Parent Centers support families navigating the justice system. The panel members that created this toolkit detail the resources it contains for Parent Centers to access when they assist families of youth who have become involved in the Juvenile Justice system.

Webinar | Introduction to Tool Kits for Board Professional Development for Parent Centers

Nonprofit management is the topic about which Parent Centers across the country most often request technical assistance from their Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (RPTACs). This webinar presented an introduction to six (6) toolkits that were developed by and for RPTAC use during site visits to train Parent Center boards to help them meet their responsibilities.

Webinar | Collaboration of Act Early Ambassadors and Parent Centers

Connecting families to information and resources about their children’s development are essential components of both Parent Centers and Act Early Ambassadors. This webinar highlights how the similar missions of both Parent Centers and the Act Early Ambassadors create opportunities for working in partnership.

Webinar | Featuring New Resources on Inclusion and Discipline

In this webinar, the CPIR unveiled two new products developed specifically for Parent Centers: (1) an Inclusion Curriculum that includes a trainer’s guide and a customizable PowerPoint and handouts; and (2) a Resource Collection on Positive Behavior Supports and School Discipline that includes a wide variety of materials such as PowerPoints, fact sheets, guides, and videos on the subject.

Webinar | Best Practices in Outreach

The main goal of this webinar was to help Parent Centers and other community-serving organizations learn about best practices in outreach and why they are important, especially under the current cultural landscape.

Webinar | ESSA and the Assessment of Students with Disabilities

This webinar provides Parent Centers with the information, skills, knowledge, and inspiration needed to be a voice for students with disabilities in each state’s implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The webinar focuses on the assessment of students with disabilities, as required by the recently reauthorized ESSA.

Webinar | Using Data for Collaboration and Advocacy

This webinar will help Parent Centers hone their skills in finding, understanding, and using data to make sure that the needs and interests of students with disabilities and their families are addressed in decision-making discussions about how states will implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Webinar | Updated Training Modules on the IEP & IDEA

This webinar spotlights three training modules on the IEP that Parent Centers can use to learn or train others: The IEP Team, Content of the IEP, and Meetings of the IEP Team. Each module is available in English and in Spanish.

Webinar | NTACT’s Resources on Transition and Opportunities for Parent Center Partnership

NTACT is the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition. This webinar provides an overview of NTACT’s technical assistance services available to state education and also state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. It features a short tour of the transition-related resources available on NTACT’s website that Parent Centers are welcomed to use and share.  

Webinar | ESSA: The Every Student Succeeds Act

ESSA is the nation’s general education law. It was reauthorized in December 2015, and many changes were made. This webinar looks at those changes, including how they affect students with disabilities and what role Parent Centers can play in decision-making groups about how their state will implement ESSA.

Webinar | Getting Ready for the Age of Majority

Age of majority is the age when children legally become adults. In most states the age of majority is age 18. This webinar discusses why age of majority is a critical issue for parents and youth with disabilities and connects Parent Centers with tools for helping youth prepare for reaching the age of majority.

Webinar | Parent Center Use of Technology

This webinar was an exploration of and conversation about what technologies Parent Centers use—and need—for their nonprofit management & service provision. Its intent was to gather input from Parent Centers and, as such, an archive of the webinar is not available...

Webinar | Writing for the Web

Listen to the webinar Download the Powerpoint presentationRead the Writing for the Web seriesHost:Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)Presenter:Lisa KüpperProduct Development Coordinator, CPIRSummary:One of the priorities of Parent Centers is to...

Webinar | Self-Advocacy Skill Building

Supporting youth with disabilities in becoming effective self-advocates is one of the current priorities of Parent Centers. What, exactly, does that mean, and what does it involve? This webinar explores the resources available to help youth with disabilities build their self-advocacy skills. These include training materials that Parent Centers can use when working with youth and their families. The discussion of resources revolves around those listed in the priority page of the CPIR’s called Best Practices in Self-Advocacy Skill Building.

Webinar | Improving Early Learning Outcomes

This webinar focuses on resources for improving early learning outcomes for children with disabilities. The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) spotlights its information, and CPIR tours the early childhood materials available on the Hub, including its training modules on early intervention services.

Webinar | Alternate Assessment for Career and College Readiness

Listen to the webinar  View | download the PowerPoint presentations View | download the handouts Host:Center for Parent Information and Resources Presenters:   Overview of Alternate AssessmentMary LaCorteAssistant Director and North Carolina PTI Program...

Webinar | Adventures in Results-Driven Accountability

Listen to the webinarView | download the Powerpoint presentationView | download the handoutsHost:Center for Parent Information and ResourcesPresenters:Lisa Küpper, CPIRBarb Buswell, Region 5 PTACJan Serak, Region 4 PTACPowerPoint Presentation for the...