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Behavior Problems

When children struggle with their behavior, it can have a negative impact on everyone in the family. Parents know they need to respond, but they often aren’t sure what’s the best strategy, especially if a child is frequently acting out and nothing seems to work. This resource collection from the Child Mind Institute offers parents a comprehensive look at problem behavior. It covers many topics, including what may be triggering problem behavior, how to improve the parent-child relationship when it becomes strained, what to do if kids are struggling with behavior in school, and how to get professional help if you need it. The suite is also available in Spanish. To take a closer look at the individual topics treated in the collection and to access it in English or Spanish, come here.

Featured Parent Center

DREDF Marriage Equality webpage


The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) is a Parent Training and Information Center in the state of California, serving the families of children with disabilities, their youth and young adults (and beyond!) and the professionals that work with them. DREDF developed a Marriage Equality webpage with very important information and resources about this topic. Did you know that millions of disabled Americans cannot marry without risking access to vital healthcare, community supports, and other disability benefits? Learn all about this here.


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Disability Rights Icon Judy Heumann Has Passed

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of Judy Heumann.  Known to the world as ” the Mother” of the disability rights movement, she was a friend and fierce supporter of SPAN. Over the years...

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