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Featured Resource

From Miami to New Jersey: A Parent’s Journey

We are pleased to share with you this blog post written by CPIR's own Myriam Alizo. She describes her personal journey as a parent learning that her four-year-old daughter had speech delays and attention issues. What to do? Like so many other parents, Myriam knew nothing about early childhood delays, IEPs, the IDEA, or the help that was available for families whose children have disabilities.

That all changed when her daughter's backpack one day contained a flyer from the Parent Center in Miami. And doors and paths were opened... it's a journey that has taken Myriam deep into the heart of the Parent Center network...

...but we'll let Myriam tell you the story herself. From Miami to New Jersey, indeed.

Featured Parent Center

CIDA NY- Finding My Path: A Journey to Self-Determination

CIDA New York Logo

This video from CIDA NY, one of our newest Community Parent Resources Center, shows Korean-American young adults with disabilities building their dreams and their future goals through Self-Determination. Community Inclusion & Development Alliance (CIDA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves individuals with disabilities and their families through training, advocacy, resources and workforce development.”> Finding My Path: A Journey to Self-Determination

Recent Items

Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

Updated, October 2018 In the natural course of life, we humans can be expected to grow and change. We develop and mature over time–our brains, our bodies, the sense of who we are and who we want to be. Development is a...


Webinar | Introduction to the Juvenile Justice Toolkit

The Juvenile Justice Toolkit was developed to help Parent Centers support families navigating the justice system. The panel members that created this toolkit detail the resources it contains for Parent Centers to access when they assist families of youth who have become involved in the Juvenile Justice system.

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