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OSEP English to Spanish Translation Glossary

The OSEP Glossary of Spanish Translations of Common IDEA Terms went missing for a time, in the way that things inexplicably vanish from the Web, but we searched and found it and brought it back home! This 2nd edition of the glossary includes over 400 terms related to IDEA Parts B and C (the parts of IDEA that cover special education and early intervention services, respectively) and provides their Spanish translation.  The terms were selected by experienced translators from Parent Centers and reviewed in focus groups of 90 parents/caregivers of children receiving services under IDEA. The families that participated came from a diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures, so that the glossary would "speak" across the rich variation of how Spanish is spoken around the world.

Two formats of the glossary are available (PDF and an online, searchable version). Read more about the glossary here and access the format of your choice.

Featured Parent Center

STEP Archived Webinars Improve Outcomes for Families

STEP Support and Training for Exceptional Parents-Tennessee

Information is empowering and Support and Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP), the Parent Training and Information Center for the state of Tennessee, offers wonderful trainings and webinars for parents and professionals on a wide range of topics with the goal of improving outcomes for families. STEP archived webinars help parents feel more confident and positive as they participate as part of the team making educational decisions their children.

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Buzz from the Hub | Videos, Photo Libraries, and Disabilities

As Parent Centers, we are always looking for tools and information that will help us create trainings, conduct workshops, understand current trends and the people we serve, and share valuable disability information with families. So this Buzz is dedicated to sharing resources that will hopefully support you in the great work you do to educate and connect others.


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