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Video | 8 Insider Tips on Navigating IEP Meetings

"Are you getting ready for an IEP meeting? Are you nervous or wondering what to expect? You’re not alone."

This 13-minute video from is directed at parents who are getting ready for an IEP meeting or who are new to the process. The video captures the conversation between two parents (one a former teacher), both of whom are "veterans" of many IEP team meetings. They candidly talk about what they wish they’d known before the meetings. Eight nuggets of guidance emerge during their conversation.

The video is available in English and, using subtitles, in Spanish. Read more here, and learn about accompanying resources, including the podcast Why We Cry at IEP Meetings.

Featured Parent Center

The LINK Center Transition Resources

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The LINK Center at the Federation for Children with Special Needs connects families, professionals and individuals with disabilities who are of transition age (14-26) with information, supports, and services to achieve students’ future visions. Transition can be an overwhelming process as one plans for life after high school. The LINK Center and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission have developed an overview of available Transition services and procedures in Massachusetts. The LINK Center is one of seven rehabilitative service administration (RSA) PTI’s throughout the United States. The centers have been identified to support other parent training information centers on the issues of youth transition.

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Buzz from the Hub | The Unexpected Rewards of Updating

CPIR has been updating many resources housed in the Hub library. Amid the tedium of checking links and removing resources that are out of date or no longer available, we've discovered unexpected rewards: New resources! Ones we hadn't heard about or realized were available. We're pleased to share 5 of these with you.


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