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Racial Equity Resource Guide

In 2010, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation launched America Healing, an effort to put racial and structural inequalities behind us, by first putting it squarely in front of us. America Healing is designed to raise awareness of unconscious biases and inequities to help communities heal. In support of America Healing, the Kellogg Foundation created this comprehensive and interactive racial equity resource guide that includes practical resources aimed at helping organizations and individuals working to achieve racial healing and equity in their communities. There's a video to introduce you to the  search functionality that allows you to build your own resource guide suited to your needs or those of your organization or community.

For more info about the guide, its search functionalities, and the "how-to" video that will get you started, come here.

Featured Parent Center

Got Transition Questions? Welcome to the LINK Center

Federation for Children with Special Needs

The LINK Center, at the Federation for Children with Special Needs, is one of 7 RSA PTIs nationwide that provide training to youth/young adults with disabilities and their families, professionals, and other PTIs about Youth Transition, the period of time between adolescence and adulthood. LINK connects families, professionals, and individuals with disabilities who are of transition age (14-26) with information, supports, and services to help students achieve what they envision for their future. To that end, the LINK Center and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission have developed an overview of available transition services and procedures in Massachusetts. Check these resources here.

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Webinar | Native American Resource Collection

The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC) produced a rich collection of materials for Parent Centers to use in planning and conducting outreach to the Native American families of children with disabilities in their service regions. CPIR has integrated half of this enormous collection into the Hub and held this webinar, where we took a tour of the resources within.

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