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Building Post-COVID Early Care and Education Systems that Serve Children with Disabilities

Of the 24 million children under age 6 in the United States, about 5% (1.2 million) have a diagnosed disability that makes them eligible for services under IDEA. Yet the proportion of children participating in early intervention and early childhood special education varies, with children in certain racial and ethnic groups having differential access to IDEA services. The article examines the impact that COVID-19 has had on families with young children with disabilities, including loss of in-person therapy and gaps in health insurance for children with unemployed parents. The article concludes with 7 examples of action steps that ECE decision makers can take to support a strong return to services and ensure that young children with disabilities receive support for their development and learning.

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ASCF Articles for Families


The Association for Special Children and Families (ASCF) is a community-based organization for families of children with disabilities. It has been operating since 1978. ASCF serves as the Highlands Parent Center, the first and only community parent resource center in New Jersey. Highlands supports families of babies, children and youth with the full range of disabilities living in the Northwest NJ area. ASCF has wonderful publications in the area of education, behavior and mental health to help families cope with the pandemic. Check these publications here.

Recent Items

A Guide to Equity in Remote Learning

(2020) | Useful to educators, Parent Centers, and families of children with disabilities concerned with equity in education, especially in African American communities   This guide to equity in remote learning emerges from...


Webinar | Native American Resource Collection

The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC) produced a rich collection of materials for Parent Centers to use in planning and conducting outreach to the Native American families of children with disabilities in their service regions. CPIR has integrated half of this enormous collection into the Hub and held this webinar, where we took a tour of the resources within.

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