Survey Item Bank

CPIR is pleased to connect Parent Centers with
OSEP’s Parent Center Survey Item Bank

Are you looking to create a questionnaire to assess
your programs and services or the needs of families?  

The Survey Item Bank is a collection of approximately 150 questions that you can use for survey creation.
These questions were contributed by Parent Centers and were reviewed by evaluators at the Center for
Program Performance to make sure that they align with the Parent Program Measures of Quality, Relevance, and Usefulness.

The Bank includes ready to use question text and response options.

These searchable questions and responses are organized by:
Topic (satisfaction, needs assessment, pre/post items)
Respondent or audiences (parents, youth, professionals)
Modes by which to survey respondents, as in paper, focus, web, or interview.

Specific bank items can also be found using Keywords in the Search Bar.
Survey items can be selected or modified depending on users’ needs.


Connect to the Survey Item Bank