Your central “Hub” of information and products for the network of Parent Centers serving families of children with disabilities

The CPIR employs a user-centered process, gathering Parent Center perspectives every step of the way to create products and services that increase Parent Centers’ knowledge and capacity in specific domains.

What you’ll find on the Parent Center Hub:

  • Family-friendly information and research-based materials on key topics for Parent Centers
  • Private workspaces for Parent Centers to exchange resources, discuss high-priority topics, and solve mutual challenges
  • Coordination of parent training efforts throughout the network
  • A twice-monthly e-newsletter with key topics, new resources, upcoming events, and materials to share with families
  • Materials from Parent Centers themselves
  • CPIR-produced databases specifically designed for Parent Center staff:


Center for Parent
Information and Resources
c/o SPAN
35 Halsey St., 4th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 642-8100

The CPIR Team

Responding to the needs and missions of Parent Centers

Lead partner for the CPIR — The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) is a Parent Center with extensive experience in empowering parents in New Jersey and Parent Centers in the Northeastern states.
Subcontractor for the CPIR — FHI 360 provides exceptional team expertise that equips the CPIR with the skills vital to writing family-friendly materials, designing powerful user-friendly websites, disseminating for impact, and collaborating with multiple partners to create on-target, user-centered publications and products.
Collaborators in CPIR’s operations — The Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (RPTACs) ensure that Parent Centers’ voices help shape CPIR’s products and services.

The CPIR is made possible through funding from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education. OSEP supports the Parent Center network and the role that Parent Centers play in educating parents and improving outcomes for children with disabilities.