(2023) Useful for Parent Centers, schools, and families in understanding and addressing different kinds of behavior problems in children.

When children struggle with their behavior, it can have a negative impact on everyone in the family. Parents know they need to respond, but they often aren’t sure what’s the best strategy, especially if a child is frequently acting out and nothing seems to work.

This resource collection from the Child Mind Institute offers parents a comprehensive look at problem behavior. It covers many topics, including what may be triggering problem behavior, how to improve the parent-child relationship when it becomes strained, what to do if kids are struggling with behavior in school, and how to get professional help if you need it. The suite is also available in Spanish.

The collection is divided into individual sections:

  • Behavior Basics
  • Toddlers and Young Children
  • Managing Big Emotions
  • Common Behavior Issues
  • Behavior and School
  • Strategies for Managing Behavior
  • Mental Health and Problem Behavior
  • Treatment for Problem Behavior

Each of these sections is then broken down into stand-alone articles. For example, the section “Toddlers and Young Children” includes 5 articles:

  • How to Discipline Toddlers
  • Problem Behavior in Preschoolers
  • First Person: Reining in Casey’s Aggression
  • Talking to Toddlers
  • What NOT to Do When Your Child Is Having a Tantrum

So you can readily see what a treasure trove this collection is about behavior problems and how to both understand and address them.

Access the collection in English: https://childmind.org/topics/behavior-problems/

Access the collection in Spanish: https://childmind.org/es/temas/problemas-de-comportamiento/