(2014) | Useful to Parent Centers in identifying and using best practices in engaging families and establishing partnerships with the families they serve.  

The Best Practices in Family and Community Engagement Video Series is designed to support Head Start programs’ efforts toward systemic and integrated engagement. Rooted in the Office of Head Start (OHS) Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework, the 7 videos in the series highlight examples of innovative approaches to engagement that foster strong relationships with families and lead to positive outcomes for children and families. The individual videos are described further below.

Visit the video landing page to watch the videos and/or download the transcripts of the videos. 

List of Videos in the Series:

Partnerships for Change: Listening to the Voices of Families
Watch this 8-minute video to see how the Red Cliff Early Childhood Center effectively partners with families, schools, and local organizations to build a strong community. See how family well-being is rooted in a respect for culture, values, and home language. Successful partnerships contribute to community wellness and better outcomes for families and children, including school readiness.

Family and Community Partnerships for School Readiness
Watch this 5-minute video for strategies that Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. in Dunkirk, NY uses to promote school readiness. The program works with families, schools, and local programs to prepare children for school. Services support family well-being, leadership and advocacy skills, and the transition to new environments.

Engaging Families in the Transition to Kindergarten
See how a Laguna, NM Head Start program prepares children and families for the transition to kindergarten. Strong partnerships between families, programs, and schools lead to greater success for children. Find specific strategies that support children and families during this important transition. (5 minutes)

Program Environments: Responsive Programming for Migrant Families
Watch this 7-minute video for promising practices from a Head Start program for migrant families in San Luis Obispo, CA. Learn ways to foster strong relationships and partnerships between families and staff. Effective partnerships support parent-child connections, family well-being, and goal-setting.

Learning in Partnership: Using Data and Reflective Practice in Programs
See examples of how the Family, Infant, and Preschool Program (FIPP) in Morganton, NC relies on data to inform decision-making. Data is collected through observation, research, and bonds with families. Program leadership sets the tone with a pledge to ongoing improvement and staff development. Reflective practice in both staff and families provides the basis for shared goal setting and genuine partnerships. (7 minutes)

Engaging Fathers
Explore the strategies that Early Education Services in Brattleboro, VT uses to engage fathers in their children’s learning and development. In this Head Start/Early Head Start program, dedicated fathers learn from one another and make connections. Learn to build a community that helps them fulfill their role as one of the most important people in their children’s lives. (7-1/2 minutes)

Bringing Families Together: Building Community
Watch this 8-minute video for tips that programs can use to bring families together and build a strong sense of community. Sheltering Arms Educare Program in Atlanta, GA shares real-life experiences from their Head Start/Early Head Start program. Discover ways for parents to share experiences and build connections that improve family well-being and contribute to better outcomes for children.

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