“It’s always inspiring when people all come together and be strong as a group. This is why I feel so strongly to put the message to people that we need to stand together in tough times.


“Are we there yet?” The universal question from our kids in the backseat of any road trip ever taken. It sure can get on your nerves. This Buzz is about how we can keep driving when there are still hours to go before we arrive at the coveted destination.

This, of course, is an analogy to our mutual journey with COVID-19. We’re all in the car together, already doggone tired of the trip, with patience shot to smithereens. The resources we share in this Buzz focus on keeping our wits, mental health, humor, and stamina intact, and seeing to our children’s emotional and physical well-being. Because we’re not only not “there” yet, it seems like we’re going to be “here” for some time to come.

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Keeping the Balance

Helping Children Cope
Adjusting to our new normal gives adults a tremendous opportunity to model for children problem-solving, flexibility, and compassion as we work through adjusting daily schedules, balancing work and other activities, getting creative about how we spend time, processing new information from authorities, and connecting and supporting friends and family members in new ways. From the National Association of School Psychologists.

Online Peer Support Groups
Peer support groups are more important than ever during coronavirus, but how do you run one when everyone is isolated at home?

The 7 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2020
Many online resources and apps are devoted to providing remote mental health services. Online communities are good places to exchange support, while some apps offer online therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. This article lists 7 places to explore and connect. Several offer services in Spanish.

The Best Support of All: 100 Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them
When you’re ready to tear your hair out and scream at your children, stop and take a deep breath. Think about the hearts in those little bodies. And reset the conversation (and atmosphere) in these simple authentic ways.

Take a Virtual Tour of the World’s Most Beautiful Tulip Garden
The Keukenhof garden of tulips is in full bloom in a breathtaking display of color and variety. The famous garden in Holland may be closed because of coronavirus, but we can take a virtual tour of its splendors.

CPIR’s Coronavirus Resource List

We continue to add selectively to our Coronavirus Resource List, as new resources emerge. Sadly, it’s no longer a “brief list,” so we will be dividing it in two this month (the first set of resources will be from March, and the second list will be from April). Hopefully, this will allow you to see what’s new quickly, without losing track of resources that are not so recent but still important.

New Non-Profit Section Added!
The current list now features a small section just for non-profits.


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