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Greetings to You!

This issue of the Buzz announces a wave of new PDFs that CPIR has created for many of our most popular resources for parents. We know that Parent Centers frequently share resources with their families about bread-and-butter topics such evaluating children for disabilities, parental rights, IEPs, the steps involved in the special education process, and so on. Having accessible PDFs (yes, accessible!) that are easy to email, print, copy, and use as handouts makes it that much easier to share key information directly with parents.

We’ve posted the new PDFs (and often accessible Word files as well) on key-topic webpages that are highly visited, and you’ll find many of them listed (for starters) in this issue of the Buzz.

Do let us know if these PDFs are useful to you and the families you serve!
The CPIR Team


Parent Rights | Main Pages and PDFs

Parental Right to Participate in Meetings
In Spanish (Derecho de los padres de participar en reuniones)

Right to Receive a Complete Explanation of IDEA’s Procedural Safeguards
In Spanish (Derecho a recibir una explicación completa sobre todas las garantías procesales)

Parent Right to Confidentiality and Access to Child’s Records
In Spanish (Confidencialidad y acceso a los expedientes de su niño)

The Special Education Process | Main Pages and PDFs

10 Basics of the Special Education Process under IDEA
In Spanish (Sobre el proceso de educación especial)

Your Child’s Evaluation (4 pages, family-friendly)
In Spanish (La evalución de su niño)

Potpourri of Topics | Main Pages and PDFs

Requesting an Initial Evaluation for Special Education Services
In Spanish (Cómo solicitar una evaluación de su niño)

Requesting Prior Written Notice
In Spanish (Cómo solicitar una notificación previa por escrito)

Considering AT for Students with Disabilities: A Resource for IEP Teams

Considering Placement in the LRE


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