“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” 

–Tom Peters.


Are you as ready as we are to turn the page and hussle into 2021! Let’s go!

Considering the bombshell that the pandemic dropped in everyone’s lives and the ensuing chaos worldwide, it’s astounding to realize that we actually, somehow, got work done. Good work. Meaningful and heartfelt work.

This last Buzz of 2020 will focus, then, on the best of what we brought to the Parent Center network. We hope you will take the time to reflect on the incredible things your Center achieved as well. What grit, ingenuity, and genuine caring can bring into flower!

Looking forward to what we can accomplish this new year!

The CPIR Team


Resources to Carry Forward

Gathering and Training en Masse
How about that National Parent Center Capacity Building Conference /Conferencia in 2020! What an explosion of participation. Over 700 people attended virtually, and it was simply incredible. Training sessions, materials in Spanish, captured (and captioned) videos for later viewing… all learning sessions, exchanges, and materials will be archived on the new CPIR “Centers Connect” site (which is replacing the unpopular Workspaces of olde).

Native American Resource Collection
Did you know that there are nearly 7 million American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians living in the United States? The Native American resource library launched by CPIR in 2020 is meant to help Parent Centers learn about the historical and current realities of Native Americans and to address with cultural competence the needs of families with children who have disabilities. Prepare for a fascinating learning multicultural journey.

Talking about Race
There’s no denying that 2020 brought violent racial strife in the streets, harrowing images on the news, and the stark recognition that, somehow, we must confront the enormity of our racial divides. The resources in this CPIR suite can help us look within ourselves, listen and learn from others, talk with our children about racial violence, and join forces with those involved in the work that must be done to tackle this most wrenching and deep-seated issue.

Disproportionality in Special Education: Training Modules for Centers
Not surprisingly, racial inequities exist in our schools as well as the streets. Learn about the federal regulations targeted at reducing disproportionality in special education–and inform families, schools, and communities using these two training modules from CPIR. The modules include slideshows, trainer guides, and handouts for participants.


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