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OSEP’s October guidance stresses the importance of revisiting the needs of students with disabilities as they return to classrooms in person. Have the needs and learning difficulties of individual students changed, given the impact of COVID-19, remote learning, and isolation? Is a re-evaluation of a student needed to gather current data? Do goals in the IEP need to be changed, do the services and supports to be provided need to be adjusted?

This Buzz brings you relevant resources that can help parents and other IEP team members revisit the core of what they know about their student’s social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs.

We wish you all a peaceful, joyful holiday season! See you in 2022!

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Revisiting Students’ Needs and IEPs

Need to re-read OSEP’s guidance on developing and implementing IEPs? Start with our abstract and access the guidance in PDF or HTML format.
There’s also a info-rich webinar where OSEP presenters elaborate on key points in the guidance.

Who’s at the IEP Table? A Quick Guide to Roles and Responsibilities
Great IEPs are the shared vision of your whole team—an effective education plan weaves together multiple perspectives, roles, and insights.

CADRE’s Working Together Series
The Working Together Series includes 5 interactive self-directed courses that provide families and educators with strategies for working together and through conflict.

Protecting Youth Mental Health: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory
In December 2021 the U.S. Surgeon General released Protecting Youth Mental Health, a 53-page advisory targeted at the children’s mental health crisis—which has been made worse by the pandemic. The advisory provides a comprehensive list of suggestions and resources for specific audiences, including young people, families and caregivers, educators and school systems, community organizations, local governments, and more.

A Collaborative Start to Behavioral Supports When Returning to the School Building
This Pivot to In-Person Instruction brief from the TIES Center is intended to support the instruction of students as schools pivot from distance learning to in-person instruction, possibly more than one time. We have learned many things during distance learning that should be considered as we move ahead. There are also new nuances that need to be considered as students return to school, particularly if schools switch between in-person and distance learning again.


In Celebration of Inclusion

As you may know, December began with Inclusive Schools Week. In that spirit, we are pleased to share with you the resource below that promotes inclusion of students with disabilities, especially in these times of re-adjustment and re-visiting students’ IEPs to support their current needs.

Writing IEP Goals to Support Inclusion
This article from the NORA Project is short but to the point, offering 3 sample IEP goals and then indicating why and how each goal is not complete or inclusive. Each goal is then re-written to illustrate the language and scope of goals that promote successful inclusion and student achievement.


In Celebration of Self

60 Truly Restorative Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day, from Watching Your Favorite Movie to Planting a Tree
It’s been a challenging year, to say the least. In the days ahead, honor yourself and all your 2021 successes.


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