“If you possess enough courage to speak out what you are, you will find you are not alone.” 

– Richard Wright, Black Boy


Greetings to you!

We wish we could have sent you a Valentine basket full of chocolate, red hot hearts, and a mystery card from a secret admirer, but such things do not email well. Please accept the many resources listed below as substitutes that won’t make you gain weight, break out like a teenager, or undermine New Year’s resolutions.

What the resources will do, we hope, is help you respond to the challenging issues that communities and families face.

Hold tight!

The CPIR Team


Mental Health Matters

CPIR’s Mental Health Resources | Revised for 2021!
In keeping with concern for people’s mental health in these turbulent times, CPIR has updated and added to its Highly Rated page Mental Health Resources. It emphasizes easy-to-read summaries of the wide range of mental conditions, where to find treatment, and where to turn in a crisis situation. Resources in Spanish are also emphasized.

On Stakeholder Engagement

Webinar | Stakeholder Engagement in SPP/APRs
OSEP held a webinar on February 3rd to explain the new requirements for stakeholder engagement that states must follow in the SPP/APR process. The new requirements are intended to greatly increase the participation of Parent Centers, parent organizations, and individual parents and other stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of their state’s annual performance plan and yearly reporting. Very exciting changes that require the direct participation of Parent Centers in state-level decision making!

Family Engagement: Collaborating with Families of Students with Disabilities
This updated IRIS module addresses the importance of engaging the families of students with disabilities in their child’s education. It highlights some of the key factors that affect these families and outlines some practical ways to build relationships and create opportunities for involvement.

Two More from the IRIS Center

Clearly, IRIS has been very busy. Here are two new training modules of interest to Parent Centers.

Parents: Supporting Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(Also available in Spanish)
This resource offers tips to support your child’s learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistive Technology: An Overview
This module offers an overview of assistive technology (AT) with a focus on students with high-incidence disabilities such as learning disabilities and ADHD. It explores the consideration process, implementation, and evaluation of AT for these students.


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