“Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.” 

~Jaime Lyn

Greetings to You!

For children and adults both, summertime holds out the promise of free time, fewer deadlines, and opportunities to stretch mind, body, and soul. This Buzz connects you with possibilities for those rare moments when you have a moment to spare for personal learning, physical fun, or just “visiting with yourself.”

This summer’s proving to be a scorcher, so if you do get a moment to spare… try these notions on for size!

Our best to you, as always,
The CPIR Team


3 green beach shovels and a blue beach bucketYou, First!

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
50 fun ideas for adults. We have to say, we want to do nearly all of them.

Got Time for a Bit of Free Online Learning?
Considering the work of Parent Centers and the needs of families, how about watching informative videos or taking an online learning course on relevant topics? Perhaps one of these?

Introduction to Intensive Intervention | From NCII

Related Services | From the IRIS Center

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment | 6+-minute video from the National Equity Project. Pair this resource with CPIR’s Native Land Acknowledgment: The Why and How for Parent Centers.

Keeping the Kiddos Engaged

Go Virtual!
Incredible, how many museums and topics you can explore online. What’s your child’s passion? (What’s yours?) See what’s available online. To get you started, how about…

National Baseball Hall of Fame: Safe at Home | Find free virtual tours, its YouTube channel, eduation curriculum, and kids’ activity downloads.

Our Fascinating Mother Earth | Thanks, David Attenborough, for so many spectacular videos of what surrounds us!

What about Outer Space? | NASA at Home: For Kids and Families

Summer of Audio 2022
For children and adults with reading disabilities and other reading barriers, Bookshare offers a treasure trove of ebooks to dive into, with more than 1 million titles available. Qualifying individuals and schools can “read” as many titles as they want for FREE; for other members, Bookshare costs less than $1 per week.

Get Physical!
There are so many ways to get yourself and family members moving. Here are just 3, for starters:

8-minute workout inclusive video | From the National Center on Health Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

GoNoodle | Drag the whole family into the joy of being silly, mindful, and always curious. Get out there and enjoy the summer sunshine! Need we say more?

11-minute video of exercise and activities for children with physical disabilities| From Pediatric Therapy Essentials.


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