“Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind, and finds the readiest response.”

~Amos Bronson Alcott

Greetings to You!

This Buzz is a rare treat for Parent Centers nationwide. The results of the Parent Center data collection for 2020-2021 are in, and they reveal the true depth and volume of what you collectively accomplished and how many lives you touched in a year of nonstop action.

CPIR is also pleased to highlight several resources that Parent Centers and other organizations will find useful when helping families and children, especially those with disabilities.

Hats off to Parent Centers,
The CPIR Team


Parent Centers Rock It!

Parent Centers in Action 2020-2021 | Infographics
The results of the Parent Center data collection for 2020-2021 are in, and they are all the more amazing given the many challenges of the pandemic and the reopening of schools. Take a look and then take a deep bow.

An Action-Packed Year for Parent Centers | Here’s the infographic CPIR produced with the data you submitted. It’s 2 pages (designed to be printed front/back to become a 1-page handout or mini-poster). It’s a stunning portrait of what can be achieved by a few, extremely dedicated people for the benefit of so many.

Adaptable Infographic for Parent Centers to Use | This infographic is designed so you can insert just your Center’s numbers, data results, and branding into key blocks of information. Adapt the PowerPoint file, and shine the spotlight on the work of your Center!

Quick Guide to Adapting the Infographic | This 2-page guide shows you where to insert your Center-specific information, just in case having such a “checklist” would be helpful.

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Parents and PTAs Rock It, Too!

PTAs Leading the Way in Transformative Family Engagement
(Also available in Spanish: Las PTA lideran el camino en la participación familiar transformadora)
Drawing from research findings and best practices for family-school partnerships, this 11-page resource explains the guiding principles of the 4 I’s of transformative family engagement (inclusive, individualized, integrated, impactful) and shares strategies local PTAs can use as a model to implement these principles in their school community.

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Enjoying Summer!

Summer is full of chaotic, noisy activities that can be challenging to children and youth with sensory processing issues and other disabilities. Parents are certainly challenged to come up with fun, inclusive things for their children to do, especially on rainy days. Here are 4 resources that families may be useful across the summer months.

Summer and Sensory Processing Issues
(Also available in Spanish: El verano y los problemas de procesamiento sensorial) | Why can summer be a difficult time for kids with sensory processing issues? What can parents do to help kids stay comfortable in overstimulating outdoor activities?

Ideas to Engage Students with Significant Multiple Disabilities in Activities During the Summer Holidays
Here are fun ideas for summer activities for children with significant multiple disabilities and visual impairment, including sensory trays, art activities, books, music, and toys.

Two more, with titles speakin for themselves?

10 Fun Summer Activities to do with Children with Special Needs

Summer Plans for Special Needs Children at Home


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