Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents
the wise choice of many alternatives.  

~William A. Foster

The icon that indicates the resource in the Hub is rated high quality.

This issue of the Buzz shares recent resources that received a Highly Rated review from CPIR’s teams of Parent Center reviewers.

How does a resource at CPIR receive such a rating? We regularly ask teams of Parent Center reviewers to provide feedback on the quality, usefulness, impartiality, accuracy, and relevance of the materials we include in the Hub library. If the reviewers unanimously and independently find a resource to rate “highly” in all 5 dimensions, then we tag it with the Highly Rated icon you see here.

We’re pleased to spotlight six such resources–3 from CPIR itself and 3 from other organizations. Keep your eye out for the Highly Rated icon. It’s even a tag you can use to filter your searches on a topic of interest.

Our best to you all,

The CPIR Team | Debra, Debi, Lisa, Jessica, and Myriam


Highly Rated Materials from CPIR

Questions Often Asked by Parents about Special Education Services
Reviewer comments include:

    • Like Q & A format.
    • Language easy to understand — not legal terms.
    • I love this one!

Considering Assistive Technology
Reviewer comments include:

    • Excellent. I hadn’t see this and passed the link on to our state’s AT center.
    • Excellent tool easily applied to specific cases ranging the diversity of needs.
    • Easy to use and simple and to the point.

Emotional Disturbance
Reviewer comments include:

    • A great resource. Easy to navigate and very much needed!
    • Comprehensive overview, great language.
    • Well done! This is a wonderful fact sheet that I will be using. Thank you!
    • I especially liked the way you supported the reader with a person-centered approach giving respect and dignity to those living with a mental health diagnosis and classification of emotional disturbance.

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Highly Rated Materials from Other Organizations

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Practices
Reviewer comments on these two IRIS modules include:

    • Modules GREAT! Wrap Up Module, like seeing male/female and race differences
    • Videos really well done. Great option to read information too.
    • Really like this resource for both professionals and families! Great job!

GradNation Parent Engagement Fact Sheets
Reviewer comments include:

    • Great tool kit!
    • Great to see this resource in English and Spanish—more languages would be great.
    • Nice tool kits—easy to use.

Dear Colleague Letter on Preventing Racial Discrimination in Special Education
Reviewer comments on this Dear Colleague Letter include:

    • I just had a kid denied a 504!
    • Great resource and valuable info.
    • Great resource, reading level tested high.
    • So thankful that this resource exists!

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The CPIR hopes that you’ve found useful and relevant resources listed in this month’s Buzz from the Hub. Please feel free to write to the editor, Lisa Küpper, at lkupper@fhi360.org to suggest the types of resources you’d like to see in the future. CPIR is listening! Your input is extremely valuable to helping us to craft newsletters that support your work with families.

Debra, Debi, Myriam, Jessica, and Lisa
The CPIR Team


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