Underwater view of legs and a bright yellow water chair, obviously a child in the pool

Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April,
winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length
the season of summer does come.

~Thomas Carlyle

Summer is upon us. To kick off the season, we’ve put together several resources that might be considered “fun and games” amid the hard work that all parents and Parent Centers still have to do.

We are also very pleased to share 3 new resources at CPIR, designed just for Parent Centers, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Since these new resources focus on your outstanding work of the past year, they give you just cause to celebrate.

Our best to you all,

The CPIR Team | Debra, Lisa, Jessica, Ana-Maria, and Myriam


Summer Fun: May It Be Yours!

Tipping the Scales: The Resilience Game
In this interactive game, you will learn how the choices we make can help children and the community as a whole become more resilient in the face of serious challenges. Negative events can occur at any moment, and it’s your job to choose positive events to counteract these negatives. From the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard.

Summer and Sensory Processing Issues
This article discusses how to help kids stay comfortable in what can be overstimulating outdoor activities. It’s great for sharing with families, and it’s accompanied by a host of links to information on sensory processing issues. From the Child Mind Institute.

Seriously Speaking: Delayed Speech or Language Development
(Also available in Spanish) | Knowing what’s “normal” and what’s not in speech and language development can help parents figure out if there’s cause for concern or if their child is right on schedule. From KidsHealth.

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New Resources from CPIR for Parent Centers

We promised to develop an adaptable infographic that Parent Centers could use to display and share key highlights of their work with parents and professionals throughout 2016-17. You provided these data as part of the annual data collection just past. So—here you go! Make the adaptable infographic your own. Share the result far and wide: with your board, staff, potential funders and partners, the families you have served, new families coming to your Center, and most certainly on your website for everyone to see.

Infographic for the entire network of Parent Centers: Parent Centers in Action
This infographic is provided in PDF format and shows the cumulative impact and work of all Parent Centers last year. You can print and share–or just marvel at the work this network does.

Infographic that you can adapt to show your own Center’s results
Use this PowerPoint file to insert your own data from last year—there are spaces for how many total contacts you made, what kinds of services you offer, what families had to say about your work, and your Center’s contact info, logo, and any branding you’d like to do. Then save as a PDF and print!

Quick guide to adapting the infographic for your Center
We thought this little 2-page guide might make the process of adapting the infographic easier. At least it points out all the places where you need to substitute your data!

Parent Centers are rock stars. Keep on rocking!

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The CPIR hopes that you’ve found useful and relevant resources listed in this month’s Buzz from the Hub. Please feel free to write to the editor, Lisa Küpper, at lkupper@fhi360.org to suggest the types of resources you’d like to see in the future. CPIR is listening! Your input is extremely valuable to helping us to craft newsletters that support your work with families.

Debra, Myriam, Jessica, Ana-Maria, and Lisa
The CPIR Team


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