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This Buzz shares resources about Parent Centers and the tremendous work you do, resources for Parent Centers (did you miss the OSEP webinar on FERPA and IDEA Privacy Requirements?), and resources that Parent Centers can use with the families you serve.

Take a bow, Parent Centers, you rock!

The CPIR Team | Debra, Debi, Lisa, Jessica, and Myriam


Parent Centers’ Work: A Year of Accomplishment and Service

Parent Centers in Action 2017-2018 | Infographics
The results of the Parent Center data collection for 2017-18 are in! And they reveal the true depth and volume of what Parent Centers have done this past year. We are pleased to offer you three resources on this great subject.

A Year in the Life 2018: Parent Centers in Action | Here’s the infographic CPIR produced after the data were in and crunched. It’s 2 pages (designed to be printed front/back to become a 1-page handout or mini-poster), in PDF format (1 MB), in full color. It’s a stunning portrait of what can be achieved by a few, extremely dedicated people for the benefit of so many.

Adaptable Infographic for Parent Centers to Use | This infographic is designed so it can be easily changed, inserting your Center’s numbers and data results into key blocks of information. It’s provided as a PowerPoint file and results in an infographic that’s 1-page long. Easy to insert your Center-specific accomplishments, and add your logo and contact information.

Quick Guide to Adapting the Infographic | Also download this 2-page guide that will show you, with screenshots, where your Center-specific information needs to be inserted. We provide this guide just in case having such a “checklist” would be helpful.

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FERPA and IDEA Privacy Requirements 101 for Parent Centers | OSEP Webinar

In this May 21st OSEP webinar prepared expressly for Parent Centers, staff from the U.S. Department of Education provide a general overview of the requirements of IDEA and FERPA in terms of student privacy and confidentiality. If you missed it, want to review it, or download the handouts (including a PDF of the slides), you can—it’s archived on the OSEP Webinar page at CPIR.

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Resources You Can Share with Families

Reinforcing Your Child’s IEP Goals Over the Summer
If your child has an IEP, it may or may not cover summer. Some kids get extended school year services built into their IEPs, but many don’t. If your child isn’t attending a summer learning program, you may worry about how she’ll keep up while school’s out. But you can help reinforce her goals, even if she doesn’t have school services in the summer. This article offers how-to’s. And it’s available in Spanish, too (Reforzar los objetivos del IEP de su hijo durante el verano).

Living with Spina Bifida: Series
Here’s an article series from eparent.com on living with spina bifida, with separate articles on infants | toddlers and preschoolers | school-aged children | and young adults.

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The CPIR hopes that you’ve found useful and relevant resources listed in this month’s Buzz from the Hub. Please feel free to write to the editor, Lisa Küpper, at lkupper@fhi360.org to suggest the types of resources you’d like to see in the future. CPIR is listening! Your input is extremely valuable to helping us to craft newsletters that support your work with families.

Debra, Debi, Myriam, Jessica, and Lisa
The CPIR Team


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