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“It’s a paradox. How does one balance living in the now with preparing responsibly for the future?

The key to this dilemma lies in the distinction between ‘worrying about the future’ and ‘preparing for the future.’  The two concepts are not at all the same.”

—Jonathan Lockwood Huie.

Greetings to All!

Summer’s nearly upon us, the need to school at home has ended for most (at least for now), and children and adults alike want to play in the sun, go swimming, and have cookouts and get-togethers. Yet COVID-19 remains very much in the picture, and so do the health concerns and cautions that come with it. How do we safely combine that reality with reopening venues and workplaces, beaches and camps, and choosing between all the opportunities and responsibilities that come into play as a result?

This Buzz shares resources that provide current thinking and suggested approaches to help guide our decision making in the present and our preparedness for whatever comes next.

Our best to you all,
The CPIR Team | Debra, Debi, Lisa, Sitara, and Myriam


For Parent Centers and Other Nonprofits

Comparison Guide: Video Conferencing Tools for Your Nonprofit
As nonprofits continue to do their work remotely, the need for a solid video conferencing tool has never been greater. TechSoup created this at-a-glance guide to help nonprofits make informed decisions about choosing what’s right for their organization.

Tech Soup Courses for Free!
TechSoup has also created a free track of courses to provide information and tools as nonprofits scale up the work they do remotely, including having necessary tech tools, how to boost collaboration, and how to ensure information security.

For Families

Camp Kinda
(In English and Spanish) | Here’s a free, virtual summer camp experience designed to keep kids engaged, asking questions, and having fun even while they’re stuck at home. “Open” each weekday starting June 1 to September 1. On any given day, kids may be exploring the art of graphic novels, unlocking the mysteries of history, or jumping into the world’s craziest sports. Also available in Spanish.

How to Support Your Unique, Quirky Child
(In English and Spanish) | When your child behaves differently from others, it’s endearing—but is it OK? Read this Great Schools article to find ways to celebrate your child’s unique nature. A version in Spanish is also available: Cómo apoyar las características únicas de tu hijo.


Looking Forward and Planning Ahead

Video | The CDC Guidance on Reopening Schools, Explained
CDC recently released guidance on reopening schools. Its recommendations, which are voluntary, give parents and teachers their first detailed glimpse of how schools might change their operations to contain COVID-19. How much these recommendations will influence schools’ operations depends on the decisions of state and local leaders. Watch Education Week’s 4-minute video for an explanation of several key points.


SAVE the DATE | Webinar on Monday, June 8th @ 3 pm EDT
Safeguarding Back to School: Principles to Guide a Healthy Opening to Classrooms During COVID-19
The transition back to school this year will be unlike any in history. How do we safely reopen? In this edWebinar, leaders of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools will discuss key questions we must all consider as we begin the journey back to school–from the school bus ride to the dismissal bell. Register here. If you’d like to receive an email with a link to the recording afterwards, add your name to the list at:


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