“As Daddy said, life is 95 percent anticipation.”

― Gloria Swanson

Greetings to you!

Summer’s not the only thing about to happen. What does CPIR have bubbling on the stove right now for Parent Centers, the families you serve, and the school systems with which you work to improve outcomes for children and youth with disabilities?

Yes, you guessed it, the resources listed in this Buzz are teasers as to what’s coming soon. We’re also pleased to include concrete tools you can use right now.


The CPIR Team


Re-Opening Schools

Returning to In-Person Learning: Lessons from the Field (Webinar)
This May OSEP webinar showed how exquisitely dedicated the nation’s educators are to educating students of all stripes, needs, and backgrounds. The lessons from the field that were described were riveting to hear and heartening to know. Highly recommended listening, if you’re involved in re-opening planning or want to be. Go to the archived webinar via the link above.

What’s coming soon? A short get-started list of resources recommended by Parent Center colleagues and leaders that Parent Centers (and others) can use to help shape the landscape of reopening in ways that create relationships with returning students and families and that address the trauma that has occurred for so many, the equity that has long eluded specific communities and peoples, and the sustained well-being of those who educate our children.

Get started with the Summer Learning and Enrichment Collaborative
Find videos, powerpoints, Q&A, and other resources, and learn about how states, communities, and districts are using resources in the American Rescue Plan to provide opportunities for students most affected by the pandemic.



Considering Our Native Families

As we lay plans for summer events and fall school re-openings, don’t forget about the thousands of Native American students in our schools and communities. Want to refresh your understanding of Native American and Native Hawaiian cultures? Revisit Tier 1 in the Native American Resource Collection.

What’s coming soon? In June CPIR intends to publish a new info brief that Parent Centers and others can use in their work with Native communities.


Informing Ourselves

Thumbnail shot of the publication "10 Great Things"


The Hub is CPIR’s website that’s rich with resources for Parent Centers and others to use. For your efficient searching and finding, are pleased to offer you the 2021 edition of 10 Great Things You Can Find on the Hub.




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