“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.

— Robert Brault

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This Buzz has the simplest of themes but a diversity of resources to support you in your work with schools, educators, and families of children with disabilities. We are especially pleased to share with you the latest webinar featuring OSEP’s guidance on development and implementation of IEPs as schools reopen to in-person learning. It was amazing, packed with info, and much needed by all those working to address the individual educational needs of our millions of children with disabilities as they return to school.

Be well, be safe, enjoy your kids’ Halloween candy!
The CPIR Team


About That Amazing OSEP Webinar…

Development and Implementation of the IEP in the LRE
In late September the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) released a 40-page guidance describing how many children with disabilities will have a range of new or additional needs resulting from the pandemic that schools and IEP teams must address as students return to school. In late October, CPIR hosted a webinar on the same subject, with OSEP taking Parent Centers through the salient points raised in its guidance. The link above will take you to the archive of the webinar, where you can connect with the video recording, the slides OSEP used, a transcript of what presenters said, and the written guidance that inspired the gathering.


ABC of Resources

Reimagining Advocacy: Promoting an Authentic Transition to Adult Life
Webinar to be hosted by the RAISE Center
November 15, 2021 | 2:00 PM Eastern
(Webinar will include interpretation in ASL and in Spanish: Reimaginar la defensoría: promover una auténtica transición a la vida adulta)
Aligning advocacy activities with an often-changing transition landscape can be a challenge for parent training professionals. Providing effective supports to families requires moving away from traditional compliance-based strategies and moving towards an approach that treats transition as a very human, lifespan activity. This RAISE Center webinar will highlight various ways parent advocacy professionals can adjust and improve their transition supports to families, including weaving transition into a continuum of advocacy services and using a lifespan approach to help families embrace transition sooner. Register in advance for the webinar.

Behavior Challenges: Conversation Starters to Use with Your Child’s Teacher (good to share with families)
(Also available in Spanish: Problemas de conducta: Cómo iniciar la conversación con el maestro de su hijo)
When a child has behavior challenges, it can be hard for parents to talk about them with teachers. Having these conversations can help parents get support for their child at school, even if learning is happening at home. Parents can use these sample conversation starters to help themselves plan what to say when they talk with their child’s teacher.

Cutting and Other Self-Injury (good for sharing with families)
(Also available in Spanish: Cortes y otro tipo de autolesiones: Cómo ayudar)
When kids intentionally hurt themselves, often by cutting or scratching their skin, it’s often as a way to manage difficult emotions. This Child Mind offering discusses self-injurious behavior as part of answering 3 questions: Why do kids cut or hurt themselves? What are signs of self-injury? and How can parents help?

Part C Finance Glossary
Download this glossary of terms relevant to finance for IDEA Part C and Part B, Section 619 programs (e.g., blending and braiding funds, pass-through-funding, and supplant). Terms include references to IDEA and other related federal fiscal requirements and those specific to billing public and private insurance for IDEA services. The glossary was developed collaboratively by Infant Toddler Coordinators Association (ITCA), ECTA, the DaSy Center, and Center for IDEA Fiscal Reporting (CIFR).


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