“Just as the sun knows, even the sky is not the limit.. ”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Greetings to you!

Summer is merging into fall, and a new academic school year begins. With regret and excitement both, we climb aboard for the next part of this ride, take a deep breath, and look around us and ahead. Lots to do, and that’s nothing new.

Stand tall, here we go. And may these resources be of help and support along the way.

Take care, be well!

The CPIR Team


As the Sun Knows, Even the Sky Is Not the Limit

Best Photos from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
Gorgeous accomplishments, stunning photos of determination, grit, sweat, talent, atheletic prowess, and heart, soul, and will. Have a look!


Resources for Parents and Community Members

The Kid Zone! Make learning to read a shared adventure!
The Kid Zone! is a place where parents can participate as their child builds literacy skills in a fun and interactive way. The site is especially targeted to support children who are finding learning to read a challenge. More info for families can also be found under the “Parents and Families” tab at the home page of the National Center for Improving Literacy.

10 Simple Grounding Techniques To Calm Anxiety
This article from Forbes describes what grounding techniques are and how they can be used to allay anxiety. It then describes 10 simple techniques anyone can use to dial back to calm.

Dealing with Adolescent Behavior Problems: Top Tips for Parents
There are many tips and tricks for how parents can deal with adolescent behavior problems. This article discusses general principles of parenting a child with behavior problems, tips for handling the 4 main types (ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, autism, and conduct disovers), ways to reduce conflict, self-care, and suggestions for parents during the pandemic.


From the Feds

Revised Q&A on Providing Accessible Materials in the NIMAS Format
The Department of Education has released the revised Q&A to support SEAs, LEAs, and other stakeholders in providing accessible textbooks and related materials using the NIMAS file format. This updated document addresses changes to eligibility requirements as well as responsibility for accepting and disseminating qualifying digital educational materials to eligible users (following the Department’s 2020 clarification of the definition of “print instructional materials”).

2020 Annual Report to Congress in IDEA
In case you missed it, the 42nd annual report to Congress was published in January 2021. It’s available online and in PDF, and it will tell you how states are doing with the implementation of IDEA.


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