Buzz | “Bread and Butter” Topics of Parent Centers (& Parents)

What concerns and questions do newcomer families often tend to have when they learn that their child has a disability? These, shall we say, are the bread-and-butter of topics that Parent Centers so often address. This Buzz connects you with easy-to-share introductions to and explanations of what many newcomer families need to know. New Parent Center staffers may also find these materials a useful crash course in basic topics related to children with disabilities.

Buzz | Potpourri of News and Resources

There’s quite a mix of news to share in this issue of the Buzz: news and resources from the Feds; resources focused on supporting the physical and behavioral health of American Indians and Alaska Natives; and articles on helping children with disabilities coping with change. They are all yours for the coming, reading, and sharing.

Buzz | New PDFs for You

This issue of the Buzz announces a wave of new PDFs that CPIR has created for many of our most popular resources for parents. We know that Parent Centers frequently share resources with their families about bread-and-butter topics such evaluating children for disabilities, parental rights, IEPs, the steps involved in the special education process, and so on. Having accessible PDFs (yes, accessible!) that are easy to email, print, copy, and use as handouts makes it that much easier to share key information directly with parents.

Buzz | Understanding the Diverse Communities We Serve

This issue of the Buzz expands upon a theme we explored in February’s Buzz: working within diverse communities. Understanding the basics of a family’s or community’s culture or language is essential when providing them with information and training about disability-related issues and sensitive topics. We hope you’ll find the resources we’ve listed helpful in that regard!

Buzz | Data Basics and Recent Webinars

This issue of the Buzz brings you news of 6 new resources and is divided into three sections: data basics for families; webinar wisdom; and healing, community, and the power of purpose. We’re pleased to say that 4 of the 6 resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Buzz | Working in Diverse Communities

This issue of the Buzz connects you with multiple resources we hope Parent Centers and other organizations will find helpful in supporting outreach to and service provision within 3 specific communities: Black communities, Latino communities, and Native American communities.

Buzz | Webinar Riches and More

This first issue of the Feburary 2022 Buzz connects you with the recent flurry of webinars that CPIR and others have held, each of which enriches the field with much-needed tools to inform and support families of children with disabilities, the children and youth themselves, and the multiple systems concerned with improving their outcomes educationally and in life.

Buzz | A Deluge of News

We have lots of news to share with you in this Buzz, including Spanish versions of OSEP’s series of Return to School Roadmaps; how states are using funding from the American Rescue Plan to address COVID-19’s impact on schools, staff, and students; and transition-related info you can share with schools and the families you serve.

Buzz | On Evaluating Children for Disability

This first Buzz of 2022 shares multiple family-friendly resources about the evaluation process under IDEA. Use the resources as refreshers of what families already know and have experienced in the past, and share these nuts-and-bolts pieces with those new to the process.

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