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Overview of Deafblindness

(2023) | Useful to Parent Centers and other family-facing organizations in sharing with families with a child or youth with deafblindness   Looking for a quick way to understand or explain what deaf-blindness is, how many children are affected, and how children who are deaf-blind learn and communicate? See the National Center on Deaf-Blindness’s (NCDB) An […]

Buzz | Dating, Romance, and Sexuality

The theme of this Buzz arises in recognition of upcoming Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Dating, romance, and sexuality are challenging, exciting, and on the plate for everyone, youthful and old, disabled or not. So let’s talk about it. Understand our normality. Prepare and protect. Accept what’s naturally part of us all.

This Buzz shares resources that shine a light on romance, sex, and dating for those with disabilities—and the rest of us, too!

Buzz | Kick Off 2023

This Buzz kicks off 2023 by bringing you a good handful of IEP resources to add to your collection, as well as two policy-related items.

Buzz | Video Libraries

Videos and webinars are good resources for professional development and for sharing with families. In this Buzz, we spotlight video collections on high-priority topics that you may find useful in the coming weeks and certainly in the coming year. Be well, enjoy the festivities ahead, thank you for all the hard and heartfelt work you’ve done in 2022. We’ll see you next year!

Buzz | Children’s Health

This Buzz focuses primarily on health issues such as RSV, children and the holidays, guidelines for medical care of adults with Down Syndrome, and how racism affects children’s development. We end with a resource connecting family engagement with inclusive technology practices.

Buzz | Potpourri of Resources

This Buzz brings you a diversity of resources to use in your work with families. Topics include culturally competent transition planning, the Dear Colleague letter on addressing the impacts on children and youth that losing a parent or caregiver has, and information for parents that will help them work with their child’s school.

Buzz | Children’s Mental Health

This issue of the Buzz brings you multiple resources in English and Spanish that you can share with the families you serve. First is the latest information on our children’s mental health, recommendations for treating symptoms of trauma, and guidance on where to get help, supports and services, and the school’s role in addressing mental health issues in students. The second half focuses on the upcoming holiday season and the issue of sensory processing disorders in children, as well as the most common food allergies, their symptoms and treatment, and how to prepare for eating out and dining in.

Working Together Series

The Working Together Series includes 5 interactive self-directed courses. These courses provide families and educators with a number of strategies for working together and through conflict. Anyone supporting children or youth with disabilities may benefit from this series. The setting in which collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution takes place within this series is typically the school or IEP meeting.

Produced by CADRE, the series includes a webinar that briefly introduces the Working Together Series, a companion Facilitator Guide, and other supplemental resources. The full series is available in English and in Spanish (Trabajando Juntos).

To learn more about the 5 courses in the series, view the introductory webinar, or access the series in Spanish, read our abstract here.

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