Assistive Technology


Glosario de Tecnología de Asistencia

(2018) | (Available in English and Spanish) Useful for Parent Centers sharing Spanish-language resources with families, especially those interested in assistive technology. Sobre este recurso Es importante que los padres entiendan el “lenguaje” de la tecnología de asistencia para que puedan ser defensores informados de las necesidades tecnológicas de sus hijos. Este glosario de términos […]

Involving Teens and Young Adults in Selecting Assistive Technology

This 4-page resource helps families involve teens and young adults in learning about and selecting assistive technology (AT). An important goal for older students is to understand the areas in which technology can support them in their educational and employment goals. The tip sheet encourages students to advocate for themselves, and to take an active role in selecting assistive technology to address their needs.

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