Discapacidades Específicas del Aprendizaje

Recursos actualizados, junio de 2021 En inglés | In English Ver hojas informativas sobre otras discapacidades En Esta Publicación La historia de Sara (Seguir desplazándose) ¿Qué son…? (Seguir desplazándose) ¿Con qué frecuencia ocurren…? ¿Cuáles son las señales…? ¿Y la escuela? Consejos para padres Consejos para maestros Recursos y organizaciones La Historia de Sara Cuando […]

Categorías de Discapacidad bajo IDEA

Volver a la página central de nuestra información en español En inglés | In English   Información precisa y actualizada a partir de 2021 Cada año, millones de niños con discapacidades reciben servicios especiales diseñados de acuerdo a sus necesidades únicas bajo la ley federal conocida como el Acta para la Educación de Individuos con […]

Hitos del Desarrollo y Crecimiento

Actualizado, marzo de 2021 Esta página en inglés | This page in English   La niñez es un tiempo de tremendo crecimiento y aprendizaje. Que emocionante ser un bebe…o un niño de dos anos…o un niño subiéndose por primera vez a un bus escolar. Hay mucho que aprender y todos llegamos a este mundo como […]

Developmental Disabilities | Discapacidades del Desarrollo

When a baby or preschooler lags far behind, doesn’t reach key developmental milestones, or loses a previously acquired skill, it’s reasonable to suspect a mental or physical problem serious enough to be considered a developmental disability. These pages in English and Spanish appearing on the HealthyChildren.org website provide authoritative guidance on developmental disabilities, developmental milestones at various ages, and what parents and professionals need to know or do. Each page is actually a suite of articles in both languages about specific disabilities that are considered as developmental disabilities. Perfect for sharing with the English and Spanish-speaking families and communities you serve!

See the full list of articles and find links to both the English and Spanish suites.

Autism Navigator

Autism Navigator is a unique collection of web-based tools and courses that integrate the most current research in autism with an interactive web platform and lots of video footage showing effective evidence-based practices. It’s intended for professionals as well as families. Families can start with the short video About Autism in Toddlers (you have to […]

Milestones Photo and Video Library

Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move (rolling over, for example, or crawling, standing, walking, talking). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintain a free online library of photos and videos that capture the milestones of development that young children might be expected to achieve at various ages–skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye bye.”

The photo library is part of CDC’s larger information suite Milestones in Action, which also includes fact sheets on developmental milestones and on developmental delay; a developmental checklist; the Milestone Tracker app; and more. Each resource is available in English and Spanish.

Interested? Read more about (and access) Milestones in Action here.

Slow Processing Speed: What You Need to Know

Processing speed is the pace at which you take in information, make sense of it, and begin to respond. This information can be visual, such as letters and numbers. It can also be auditory, such as spoken language. Having slow processing speed has nothing to do with how smart kids are—just how fast they can take in and use information. It may take kids who struggle with processing speed a lot longer than other kids to perform tasks, both school-related and in daily life.

Understood.org offers what is essentially a suite of resources on processing speed, which includes articles, short videos, 1-page fact sheets, and everything in English and Spanish. Read more about and access this wide array of resources.

Helping Children Cope and Children with Special Healthcare Needs in Emergencies | Spanish

(2018, June) | Spanish | Useful to Parent Centers and other service organizations working with Spanish-speaking families to prepare for or recover from a natural disaster or other emergency. These two resources comes from the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) and the Children’s Preparedness Unit and focus on helping parents, caregivers, and […]

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the most common therapy for children on the autism spectrum. ABA has been shown to help children on the spectrum (from mild to severe) develop needed skills and minimize undesired behaviors such as self-injury. Its effectiveness is backed up by hundreds of studies.

ABA now includes a range of different approaches. This article from the Child Mind Institute describes how they work and how they’re different, and concludes with links to additional readings on ABA.

Access the article in English and Spanish, and connect with the companion readings.

El Proceso de Determinar la Elegibilidad del Niño

Información precisa y actualizada a partir de 2021   Como explicamos en la página Evaluación Gratuita de Niños, la información que se reune en la evaluación será usada para tomar decisiones importantes acerca de la educación de su niño. Toda la información sobre su niño será usada: para decidir si su niño es elegible para […]

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