Useful to: Parents Centers and others working with families whose family member has intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The National Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals of I/DD has been working with multiple states to develop systems of support for families throughout the lifespan of their family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Originally began in 2012 as a project funded by the Administration for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, this Community of Practice has developed and currently offers a wide array of materials in English and Spanish that families can use and that Parent Centers can share with families. The linked name of the CoP above will take you to its website, so you can explore what’s available.

The lifecourse trajectory from baby to elderOf particular usefulness to individuals, families, and professionals are the Charting the LifeCourse materials, which include a LifeCourse toolkit in English and Spanish. The framework for Charting the LifeCourse was created BY FAMILIES to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages:

  • develop a vision for a good life,
  • think about what they need to know and do,
  • identify how to find or develop supports, and
  • discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live.

The LifeCourse Toolkit

On the Toolkit main page, you’ll see Tools for Conversations (down the left column) and Supplemental Handouts (down the right column). Tools for Conversations start with infographics to help users understand the LifeCourse framework guiding principles, and then present a series of February 2017 worksheets or templates that families or individuals can use to fuel and guide their conversations about a life plan. These include:

  • Tool for Developing a Vision: Individual and Family Versions | What is the vision for the person with I/DD? What domains are most important to focus on at this time?
  • Integrated Supports Star Worksheet | To help families and individuals brainstorm the supports they already have or might need in order to work in partnership to make their vision for a good life possible
  • Integrated Long Term Service and Support Needs Template | To help families and individuals apply the supports to a daily/weekly schedule
  • LifeCourse Toolkit Menu | Explains the purpose of the toolkit and lists each tool and its purpose

Find all of these tools in English at:

The Toolkit in Spanish (Kit de Herramientas de Charting the LifeCourse) is available at:

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Other Materials to Explore

Beyond the toolkit is an incredible collection of tools, worksheets, and videos that focus on domains such as employment, daily life, respite, integrated supports, and school. Take the time to see what’s available under each menu tab (across the top of the pages) and the drop-down options of each. There are learning materials galore and video examples that families have shared, among so many other resources.

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