(2018, July; Updated July 2023) | Useful to: All education stakeholders searching for information about activities and publications of the Comprehensive Center network.

Newly launched! The Department of Education has launched a new website for the Comprehensive Center Network (CC Network). The site compiles more than 700 resources developed by 23 regional and content-focused centers, and more than 200 projects currently underway in states across the country. The site makes it easy to search by state, region, or topic.

Through the CC Network website, anyone can learn about and access resources from hundreds of efforts to improve outcomes for our nation’s students. Our readers will note that the projects and centers have many activities related to special education and individuals with disabilities, as well as resources specific to these topic areas.

Visit the new website and portal of the Comprehensive Center network, at:

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Additional Information about the Comprehensive Center Network

The Comprehensive Center Network comprises 23 centers that provide support to improve student outcomes. The 15 Regional Centers provide direct support to State Education Agencies and Local Education Agencies in designated geographic regions, while the Content Centers are devoted to developing research-based resources to inform improvements in policy practice.

About the 15 Regional Centers
Use the map to find the regional center serving your area. You can also use the drop-down menu to select one of the regions.

Visit the 8 Content Centers:

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