(2019, June) | Useful to Parent Centers and other groups working with parents to involve them in school improvement efforts.

ESSA requires states and districts to rate schools based on multiple data points (measures) that collectively comprise a state’s “accountability system.” What does it mean when a school is rated as “low performing”?

This short blog from the Data Quality Campaign emphasizes the importance of parents being informed about and understanding the data measures used to rate schools, so that they can be partners in school improvement activities. The blog also connects you with a 2019 report from the Center for Education Policy, which takes a look at how many schools states identified as struggling in this first year of states identifying struggling schools based on ESSA’s requirements.

Read the blog and access multiple related resources on school data, report cards, and more, at:

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Acknowledgements | The picture on this page appears as part of a RocketNews article called ‘Overwhelmed’: Leaders Talk School Improvement Under ESSA. The article is from Education Week, and was posted Apr 28, 2019, at: https://www.rocketnews.com/2019/04/overwhelmed-leaders-talk-school-improvement-under-essa-education-week/