(March 2019) | Useful to Parent Centers in their work to improve outcomes for students with disabilities, inform families about evidence-based practices, and participate in SSIP development and implementation.

This 24-page report from Jobs for the Future reviews previous efforts to promote better educational outcomes for students with disabilities. It also describes research-based instructional strategies that can support them and other struggling learners, as well as the kinds of policies and local resources needed to ensure that all young people have meaningful opportunities to learn deeply and become truly prepared to succeed in college, careers, and civic life.

At the conclusion of this paper, readers will understand that when schools make use of readily available teaching strategies and supports, even students who face quite serious challenges (related to severe dyslexia, for example, or autism or severe physical challenges) can develop the full range of knowledge and skills associated with deeper learning and that all  students stand to benefit from instructional practices known to be effective for students with disabilities.

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